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Here are some basics to follow in order get your site ranked at the top of popular search engines.
What Is Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization is the method of building your site that uses the content and incoming links to your site that search engines like to see. With Search Engine Optimization the search engines will move your site near the top of the search results.
Why content is the King?
Writing your content for Search Engine Optimization means that you should write your text in such a way that you include your primary keywords and phrases. You can find the most important phrases for your site with no cost for you as you can read at The Most Overlooked & Affordable Keyword Research Method Of course, when you add keywords to your text you should be careful of avoiding black hat SEO. For instance, packing long lists of keywords in your text without any real content, or using Hidden Text is going to hurt your site.
What is link popularity?
Your link popularity is related to the number and quality of sites that have links pointing back to your site. Search engines suppose that if others approve your site and link to it, your site must be of good quality. If you, like me, use Wordpress, you can find useful information about link popularity
here. I know firsthand that SEO works. I strongly recommend it to all internet home business owners. With a little effort, you can quickly have your site pulling in a lot of targeted traffic at no cost to you.

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