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Work at home as SFI affiliate

Posted in Work at Home at 7:19 pm by Work at Home Team

Let’s start with a fact: The best way to become a successful SFI affiliate is to have your own personal website to promote your gateways.

You could be asking: Why do I need to have a personal site when I have my SFI gateways? The answer is simple. You cannot modify your SFI gateways to make them different from the gateways of any other SFI affiliate. On the other hand, with a personal website you can change anything in it and you can follow my guidance to turn your site into a money making machine. This is what I have been doing since 2001 and I have earned generous SFI commissions month after month since then. It was hard in the beginning, but today I am able to enjoy the freedom of being away for months and the commissions keep coming.

Let’s continue with another fact: I am well known in SFI for taking people with no previous experience and turning them to successful webmasters and SFI leaders.

I feel that I shouldn’t talk about myself. You should read what others have said about me. Take a look at my forums at http://waht.net/help/ to see what has happened in the past.

Let’s see now what I can do for you:

This month I am offering you a special deal. Become an executive affiliate before the end of the month and I will prepare for you a personal website that you will be able to manage without any technical background. I will pay for all the costs of your website until May 2008 so that you can follow my method risk free. I will give you my guidance on how you can turn your site into a continuous, totally free affiliate generating machine.

What will your site look like?

Your site will be a blog. A blog is a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. Maintaining a blog is easy. Everyone can do it. Promoting a blog does not require any cost. You will build a network of partners and friends who will help each other build the popularity of your sites (this is called blogroll). Now, you can get the power of blogs in your hands!

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