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Building An Online Business Is Like Starting A Garden, You First MUST Plant Your Seeds

Posted in Home Business at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

I know what your thinking, “what the heck does starting a
garden and planting seeds have to do with building an
online business?”

Well… it all depends on how you perceive what I’m about
to share with you.

I’m merely using that headline as an analogy to a Powerful
marketing strategy that I use to send HIGHLY targeted
traffic to my online business… Effortlessly, that almost
every website on the Internet is hungry for.

Now, we all know that in order to be in business you need
to either provide a Product and/or Service that cater’s to
an particular Niche.

That’s the easy part to figure out.

The part that is usually the hardest with most online
businesses is growing that business, and we both know that
in order to grow your business online you need “TRAFFIC”.

We’ve all experienced these growing pains, myself included.

And, finding a cost effective marketing strategy these days
like the one I’m about to share with you takes a little
time to learn, but, in the long run will benefit You and
your business for years.

Here are just a few benefits you’ll receive when you
incorporate this marketing strategy into your existing
online business…

1) It’ll BOOST your websites “Link Popularity”…

2) It’ll give YOU and your business INSTANT credibility…

3) It’ll build TRUST with your potential customers…

4) It’ll send your website Residual traffic for years…

… and best of all, it’ll put You infront of thousands of
HIGHLY targeted customers… for FREE!

Do any of those Benefits get you excited?

They sure get me excited simply because I know it works and
well at that.

So, with that said, I’m sure your getting a little anxious
to find out what these “SEEDS” are that I’m so fond of that
will put your online business infront of thousands of
HIGHLY targeted customers Absolutely FREE!

Are You Ready?


That’s right… Writing Articles, in my mind, is one of the
BEST and most cost effective forms of online promotion, no
matter what business your in.


Read the BENEFITS I listed above one more time to refresh
your memory.

Where else or what other marketing strategy online will
give you a list of benefits like that.

And, the best part is… it doesn’t cost You anything, and
yet, almost every website owner online is starving for it.

Here’s another quick reminder for you, why do you think
they call the Internet… “The Information Super-Highway”.

The Internet received that name for a reason because that
is exactly what it IS.

All you need to do is supply the Information in the form of
an well written “Article” and send it to related websites
and/or newsletters around the web related to your
particular Niche.

Just imagine for a minute, what one article or half a dozen
articles, for that matter, would do for your online

You’ll never know until You get started, so my suggestion
to You is, start brain storming some article idea’s about
your Product or Service and write them down on a piece of

Once you have a clear idea, “Start Writing”.

So, there you have it, and that’s why I stated… “Building
An Online Business Is Like Starting A Garden, You First
MUST Plant Your Seeds” in order for your online business to

I truly hope you understand the importance of writing
Articles and why they are considered one of the BEST forms
of online promotion for your business.

Want ‘Step-by-step’ advice on starting your Very own online
Internet business in as little as 48 hours? You can subscribe Cory
Threlfall’s Free ‘Weekly’ ezine called
The Internet Wonders eZine


10 POWERFUL Reasons Why You’re Crazy NOT To Start A… Home Based Business.

Posted in Home Business at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Home Based Business’s are spreading across North America
and have become widely recognized as one of the most
desirable business’s to start for several reasons.

Just think for a minute what it would be like to work from
home and never have to worry about waiting in grid lock
traffic or to answer to your boss’s demands.

Wouldn’t that be great?

In todays fast paced world a little extra income doesn’t
hurt in order for the average guy or gal to get ahead in
life so they can enjoy the little extra’s life has to offer
that there current job doesn’t allow them to do.

I know from experience because that’s what made me take the
neccessary action steps required in order for me to enjoy
the quality of life I wanted to live and provide for my

But, the problem that usually occurs is people need to be
motivated by something or inspired in order to take action.

Well, the purpose of this article is to do exactly that,
inspire you.

I’m going to cover with you the 10 main reasons why You
should consider starting your known ‘Home Based Business’
and the benefits behind each of them.

I guarantee once you read through them you’ll agree that a
‘Home Based Business’ might be worth considering.

With that said, let’s go to reason #1.

1. Be your own Boss.

Ever dream of being your own Boss?

Well starting a ‘Home Based Business’ is a step in the
right direction and the best part is, you’ll never have to
answer to anyone else’s orders, just your own.

2. Work when you want to.

This is probably one of the best reasons in my book for
starting a ‘Home Based Business’ simply because you get to
set your own schedule for what hours You want to work.

This is especially beneficial for stay at home moms who
have children to tend to and need some flexibility in there
work schedules.

3. Freedom to do what you want when you want.

How’s that for a reason to get started. By being your own
boss and being able to schedule your own work hours you NOW
have the freedom to do what you want when you want to with
whom you want at anytime.

It’s a great feeling to be in control of your own life and
do what you want when you want.

4. No more worrying about job security.

By having you own ‘Home Based Business’ you never have to
worry about receiving a pink slip from your boss or a
“SORRY”, but the company has to cut back on its employee’s
and You happen to be one of the one’s who has to go.

5. It doesn’t interfere with your current “J.O.B.”.

That’s right, you don’t have to quit your current J.O.B. in
order to get started. You can start on a part-time basis
until your able to replace your current income with the
income you generate from your business.

Remember, you get to set your own hours for when you want
to work your business.

6. It will make you a more confident person.

By setting out and starting your own business it’ll make
you a more confident person because it takes a lot of
confidence to start something you have no idea what the
outcome might be and the risks involved, whether there
financial or personal.

7. It builds a sense of pride.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell your friends and
family or just somebody you meet that you’re an
entrepreneur and you run and operate your own successful
‘Home Based Business’.

Pride also works as a motivator because the more successful
you get the harder you’ll want to work in order to achieve
the goals you have set for your business.

8. It’s all for the MONEY.

MONEY is a pretty obvious reason for starting a ‘Home Based
Business’ because Why would you otherwise start a business
if you weren’t planning on making any MONEY.

It also builds a sense of security for your way of life and
the things you enjoy doing because the facts are… nothing
for FREE. Everything has a price.

9. You get great Tax benefits.

You heard right, you get Tax benefits with running your own
‘Home Based Business’ because now you’re entitled to home
business tax deductions.

This is a category in it’s own and getting a good CPA who
has experience with home based business tax returns will be
essential in order for you to maximize your return for the

10. Wouldn’t it be great to retire early.

If your business turns out to be a SUCCESS and you invest
and put your money to work for you, wouldn’t it be great to
retire early and do the things you’ve always dreamed of
doing, but never had the time or money to do so.

There you have it, “10 POWERFUL Reasons Why You’re Crazy
NOT To Start A… Home Based Business In 2005″.

Now, if those 10 reasons don’t get you excited about
starting a ‘Home Based Business’ then I have failed to
inspire you.

If you need to read through them again, do so now.

These are the very reasons I contiplated before starting my
home based business and in my mind are the most common.

Write down for yourself why You would want to start a ‘Home
Based Business’, I bet you’ll come up with several of the
reasons I’ve listed above.

With that said, there’s one more thing I want to mention
and that is if you are seriously thinking about starting a
‘Home Based Business’, whether it be online or offline,
make sure you put together a ‘Step-By-Step’ business plan
on the actions you must take and make sure you start a
business you enjoy doing.

Want ‘Step-by-step’ advice on starting your Very own online
Internet business in as little as 48 hours? You can subscribe Cory
Threlfall’s Free ‘Weekly’ ezine called
The Internet Wonders eZine


What Is The Difference Between A Work at Home Business And A Work at Home Job?

Posted in Home Business at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

As a home business entrepreneur who is primarily involved with a program wherein I sponsor Affiliates in a downline, I often find that I am the recipient of emails from new enrollees who are clearly confused on several fronts. Commonly received initial emails consist of questions such as ďWhen do I start my assignment?Ē and ďWhat is my position in your company?Ē Somehow, these individuals are under the mistaken notion that by registering for a home business program, they have been hired by a company and are embarking on some sort of non-existent home based career.

It is apparent that a fairly generalized confusion exists among people desiring to work at home between a work at home job and a work at home business. Further, it seems apparent that individuals are not thoroughly researching an entityís background, specifications, and compensation PRIOR to enrolling. Therefore, it is the goal of this article to define a home based job, a home based business, and to outline the differences between the two so that those desiring to work at home may make informed choices prior to clicking on enrollment forms online.

Despite the national trend of allowing more and more people to tele-commute rather than spending 40 hours per week at a desk on site at a given company, demand for home based or tele-commuting jobs staggeringly outstrips the supply and landing a home based job with a consistent paycheck as an employee is in reality quite hard to land. Further, tele-commuting or home based jobs rarely allow for working solely at home 100% of the time.

Generally, some ďon siteĒ time away from home will nearly universally be required. The best way to search for tele-commuting jobs is to directly inquire about tele-commuting opportunities in ones geographic locale. A formal employment application process, interview, and resume will certainly be required to procure a tele-commuting job.

Midway between a tele-commuting position as described above and home business entrepreneurship is freelancing. If one has a highly developed and marketable skill such as typing (particularly specialized typing such as medical transcribing, or legal document preparation), bookkeeping, data entry skills, or other highly developed specific knowledge that is in demand, it is possible to match oneself up with companies needing ones skills. One can generally compete with other Freelancers and bid ďper pieceĒ or ďper projectĒ. A company will generally select the most reasonably priced and highly skilled bidder and pay them per the pre-arranged terms at project completion.

A home based business is by definition ones self creation or in essence ďgiving birthĒ to sole ownership and development of ones own entity. Home business entrepreneurship involves designing and developing a new business from scratch where the home business entrepreneur is responsible for their own expenses and supervision and where pay is nearly universally 100 commission based.

If one does not have specific skills, education, or a product to sell, home business ownership is still possible and indeed can provide a lucrative income if approached in a strategic and well-researched manner. Well-established companies that are recognized by the Better Business Bureau exist. Programs to seek out would be those offering free sign-up, an array of quality products that are in demand, free training, and access to ďliveĒ mentors.

In summary, tele-commuting salaried jobs do exist but the competition is fierce for these positions. Freelancers with highly specific skills can often work from home by bidding and being paid for individual projects. Finally, home business ownership is open to all, regardless of skill level or educational background and no formal application process is required. Home business ownership offers unlimited potential return, yet requires research, strategy, and the willingness to carefully invest some money for promotion in order to develop a solid and ongoing return.

Jim Kelly resides in Los Angeles, California and is the Webmaster of Make Extra Money At Home


Jim will personally help you build and establish your own home based business.


What You Need To Know About Incorporating Your Business

Posted in Home Business at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Most US-based small businesses are getting eaten alive in
taxes! That statement has proven itself true over and over
again. However, while small business owners want to save
money, many are literally afraid of incorporating their
companies. The paperwork, the additional reports, having a
set payroll amount each month, and other visions swirl
around their heads. Those visions could be costing you a

Let me take a few minutes to explain what you need to know
about incorporating your business. While it certainly isnít
a move every business will want to make, there are
definitely some large benefits associated with


Incorporating means I canít take money whenever I want it.


Yes you can! This is a MYTH that holds a lot of small
business owners back from incorporating. If you set a
payroll amount for yourself, then decide you want/need more
money, you simply write yourself another check and call it
an “owner distribution” or a “draw.”


Thereís too much paperwork involved once you incorporate. I
donít have the time.


There are some additional forms you have to complete. There
are some additional taxes you have to pay. HOWEVER… read
this carefully… for the three or four extra forms and the
cost of the additional taxes, most businesses will still
save when compared to counting every dollar you make toward
personal income.


The only good reason to incorporate is for personal
protection. The difference in taxes isnít that much.


While incorporating your business will help protect you
from lawsuits and from having your personal property
seized, there are more benefits than that. The tax savings
can be quite significant.


With the attorneyís fees, the CPAís fees, the additional
income tax returns, and the forms I have to file quarterly,
itís just not worth it. I wonít really save any money.


Every case is different; however, most small businesses
will more than make up the $1500 - $2000 it costs to
incorporate within the first six months to one year. Also,
most small businesses will save about 50% on taxes after
they incorporate. (A qualified CPA will be able to look at
your books and give you a more accurate figure.)


Iíll have to hold meetings and keep lots of records that I
donít have time to keep.


Not if you register as a “closed” S-Corporation. This means
you have waived the requirement to hold all those meetings
and keep all those records.

How Do You Get Specific Details?

Contact a qualified CPA in your local area. He or she can
give you detailed information on how much it will cost to
set everything up, and - most importantly - how much you
will save in taxes.

Incorporation is not something to be afraid of. In fact, if
youíre one of the many who will save 50% off your taxes in
the next year, itís something to go after with a vengeance!

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Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
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Want To Expand Your Business? Try Walking Barefoot in the Grass!

Posted in Home Business at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

I hear it all the time. “I want to expand my business, but
I donít know how.” Many online small business owners have
this challenge. In all actuality, itís not a business
problem… rather a creativity problem.

For any given industry, there are dozens of ways to expand,
reach new customers, develop new products, and offer more
services. However, the struggle comes with trying to think
of new ideas. “Where do I expand to?” “How do I reach new
customers?” “What products or services should I add?” These
are all questions that can seem overwhelming to someone
stuck sitting in front of a computer all day.

One way to open your mind to new possibilities is to get
creative. When your creative juices start flowing, all
sorts of ideas pop into your mind. Some may seem silly or
inconceivable, but others will cause you to have “light
bulb moments” where youíre amazed that you didnít think of
the idea before.

To break the monotony and open the floodgate of creativity,
try doing some of the following. They are all “kid-like”
activities designed to eliminate the humdrum business
thinking youíve become accustomed to and free your mind to
unlimited possibilities.

1. Walk barefoot in the grass.
When was the last time you took your shoes off and strolled
around your yard? While youíre walking, notice the birds in
the trees, the crickets beneath your feet, and the shapes
of the clouds overhead. Take time to just relax and dream

2. Buy a set of building blocks.
Or you can borrow some from your children! Use your
imagination to construct anything you want. Be unique…
think like a kid and create a true masterpiece.

3. Forget about being wrong.
Kids never care if theyíre wrong. If you tell them they
canít do something, they simply say, “Oh yes I can!” Rather
than looking at new business ideas from a “itíll probably
fail” point-of-view, take the “oh yes I can” stance.

4. Rearrange your office or workspace.
Sometimes just the slightest change in your routine can
spark creativity. Change the placement of your desk, add
some plants, hang an overhead light, or alter some other
aspect of your workspace.

When you take the time to nurture your creativity, it will
pay off in ways you never imagined. And isnít that the
point? Learn to imagine the unimaginable and make your
business soar!

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==



Think You Can’t Afford the Help You Need? Think Again!

Posted in Home Business at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

So many small business owners - especially those who work
from home - are very pressed for time. After all, as an
independent professional, you must wear the hats of:
accountant, salesperson, customer service representative,
marketing manager, distribution manager, tax professional,
and countless others. While you may need help desperately,
you probably think you canít afford to hire someone. The
truth be known, you can actually SAVE money by using an

Think of it this way. How do you make your money? Providing
a product? Offering a service? Soliciting memberships?
Regardless, you have to DO something (promote the product,
perform the service, solicit the membership) to get that
money. When you must be all things to all people, it takes
valuable time away from the one thing that brings in cash
for you. Hiring an assistant can free you up to make more

Hereís an example:

Letís say you spend 10 hours a week on actual moneymaking
ventures. Your average income in one week is $1,000. You
spend the other 30 hours per week answering emails, doing
bookkeeping, providing customer service support, and so on.
If you could delegate many of the duties that donít
absolutely require your attention to an assistant, you
could devote possibly 20 more hours to making money. That
would give you 30 hours a week to make money and only 10
hours per week to do other things.

Donít think you can afford an assistant? Oh, sure you can!
Virtual Assistants perform a wide range of duties at very
reasonable rates. They work via phone, email, fax, and
postal mail rather than being a full-time employee of your
business. This way, you only pay for the services you need.

Letís say you DO hire a Virtual Assistant. He/she works 20
hours week for a rate of $35 per hour. That equals $700. On
the other hand, YOU spend those 20 hours a week making more
money. That would give you an additional $2,000 per week
(using the same example above). You would actually make
MORE money ($1,300 more) hiring a Virtual Assistant than
you would doing it all yourself.

Where do you find good Virtual Assistants? You can search
the Web, ask your business associates for recommendations,
or check out some of the Virtual Assistant (VA) directories
online such as http://www.assistu.com. I highly recommend

Whoever you choose, make sure they have experience
performing the duties you want to delegate. Also, be sure
they allow hourly work without contracts (at least in the
beginning) so that you can get a feel for how he/she does

Virtual Assistants can free you up to do what you do best,
make money. This is a very affordable alternative to
running yourself ragged, and trying to do everything
yourself. After all, isnít one of the perks of being a
business owner supposed to be more freedom?!

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==



The Importance of a focused business plan

Posted in Home Business at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

So you have seen a great opportunity and are about to get started.
Where do you go from here? Before you dig in, I cannot stress enough
the importance of a well laid out business plan. You might then be asking,
how do I plan and set goals if I donít have a clue what Iím going to achieve
and in what timeframe?

This may be true, but your business must have
a foundation on which to start from. You are going to start your home business because
you see the potential of this opportunity. Now, to realize this potential, you should
plan on how you are going to turn this into success.

Get your diary and write down your goals, how you are going to
achieve them and in what timeframes. Be realistic with your timeframes. Nothing
when starting out in business will happen overnight but I guarantee that the
businesses that started out with a plan achieved their goals quicker than the

Being distracted from your initial business goals is so very common in
todayís business world especially on the internet. It is very common for an entrepreneur
to start a business and then see other areas where the business can grow.

A common theme is an entrepreneur starting out maybe with his/her own
product website on the internet. He/She achieves a little bit of success, see’s
another avenue where the business might grow and dives in without thinking.

It might work, but the odds are against it. In the meantime his initial planned
strategy is being totally neglected of resources and time. Multiply this scenario
by 3 or 4 and you’ve got a problem. You will end up dabbling in different areas
and not totally concentrating on one.

This goes back to my earlier point, it will not happen overnight. You have to give
your business time. You will probably work the hardest and be the most frustrated
for the first 8-12 months. If you can focus on the business plan goals for this time
period, your odds for making it are much higher.

Try to ignore the other opportunities
for the time being, at least until you get your business off the ground. When you get
to that stage, then the fun starts and then you can try other things knowing that you
have built a solid business which will be there to protect you if your other ideas donít work out.
Author Jack Foley works from home in Ireland.
For more articles and information about Jack’s home business, visit Jack’s website:


Do You Need Money Right Now? Take Heed!

Posted in Home Business at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

At a certain point in our lives, nearly each and every one of us have found ourselves in the unenviable position of being cash strapped for any number of reasons such as losing a job, falling ill, having unmanageable credit card bills and so on. When a situation arises in our lives where we find we do not have enough money coming in to meet our expenses or allow us to live the sort of life we desire, we begin to search for solutions. Sadly, our modern culture has taught us to look for an instant resolution to our problems rather than devising a long term and well thought out strategy that will ensure our security.

It is imperative to recognize that fast and easy solutions to financial hardship donít exist. The above statement is not taking a negative stance. Recognizing that recovering from financial difficulty will take internal organization, resolve, and action that will ultimately set in play a long-term recovery leading to economic security and independence, is taking both a healthy and realistic attitude. Ultimately, the solution to our problems lies within our own capacities as individuals, and if we chose to recognize this, we will find our individual capacities to be infinite. Relying on some external source and simply saying, ďfix itĒ wonít accomplish anything except to further disappoint us.

The concept of a home based business fits the scheme of this topic. Finding oneself in dire economic straits can lead one to grasp at the ďhome business strawĒ in hopes of grabbing onto the brass ring leading to an instant wealth and success which in reality does not exist. Yet, if we acknowledge that our internal capacities are indeed infinite, then a home based business can lead us to success and independence down the road IF we form a proper strategy.

If you cannot pay your bills do not rely on a home based business to solve that situation for you tomorrow. It wonít. Period. You must find a source of income for your immediate needs. Excellent employment resources exist on the Internet such as Yahoo Hot Jobs (http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/) and Monster (http://www.monster.com). Find the solid salary you will need until you can ďphase inĒ your chosen home based business.

If your credit is in ruins, donít rely on a home based business to fix your credit for you tomorrow, it wonít. Consider, perhaps consulting with professionals to help you sort out your credit issues while you work on your home based business in your spare time.

There is no shame in economic hardship. Yet grasping at non-existent straws to end current discomfort is foolish. Hunkering down and coping with the reality of the situation is admirable and takes courage. If you desire to reverse your situation by starting a home based business, proceed in a well thought out manner to lay the groundwork for your ultimate home business success taking your immediate priorities into consideration and acting accordingly. Ultimately, by tapping into your infinite capacity in a strategic rather than a wishful manner, you may well exceed your wildest home business ambitions!

Jim Kelly resides in Los Angeles, California and is the Webmaster of Make Extra Money At Home


Jim will personally help you build and establish your own home based business.


Small Business Success - It’s a Matter of Confidence

Posted in Home Business at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

I was floored! I couldnít believe what they were saying!
But there they sat — three of the biggest film stars of
our age — telling the world they had issues with
confidence. I was watching an interview where Meryl Streep,
Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore were talking with Oprah
Winfrey. Their conversation gave me a lot to think about in
regard to small business success.

It started with Meryl making a comment about a movie sheíd
starred in. Her joke was about the fact that she actually
quit the movie before it began filming and then ended up
following through with her commitment after all. At this
point, Nicole and Julianne chimed in. “I do the same
thing!” was the cry. As I watched these three huge film
stars go back and forth with their issues of insecurity, it
dawned on me that I had something in common with these
movie icons.

As a small business owner, I constantly question myself. I
wonder if I have the imagination, the talent, the skills,
or the drive to make it online. Yes, Iím earning a
full-time living on the Web. Iíve done so for quite some
time now. But that fact seems to play a tiny part in the
establishment of my self-esteem.

Like most small business owners, and apparently at least
three giant film stars, there is a constant struggle with
what we *think* we can do, and what we can actually
achieve. Self-doubt creeps in and - if we let it take hold
- we want to quit. We question our abilities and even our
successes. It has the potential to be devastating.

There is something else I learned from this interview,
however. While all three of these ladies had gone so far as
to call their agents and tell them they werenít making the
movies they were contracted for, they still did them. Even
with high levels of insecurity, they got themselves
together and marched onward.

What was the end result? Most of the time, a box-office hit
and millions of dollars! Yes, there have been a few
“failures” for each of them. However, generally speaking,
each time they made an effort something wonderful happened.

There are three things I donít think Iíll ever forget about
that interview.

1. Everybody - even the “rich and famous” - doubts himself
or herself from time to time. Small business owners are no
different. Wearing all the different “hats” of a small
business owner creates the perfect environment for
insecurity to creep in. Itís something you will likely not
completely rid your life from, but it IS something you can

2. If the risk is a calculated and reasonable one - suck it
up and move onward toward your goal. Take into
consideration the “logical” aspects of success. Is the risk
youíre about to take (expanding your services, taking on a
new client, launching a new product) one that stands a good
chance of success? Weigh your options. If you decide the
risk is worth taking, then donít let fear stand in your way.

3. Oprah DOES have some good shows from time to time! :)

So many small business owners quit before ever “making it.”
Thatís a shame. They let their doubts and fears take over,
and it drives their dreams right out of the picture. If you
love something - if you truly want to do a particular thing
and earn an income from it - donít let anyone (including
yourself) tell you that it canít be done. I think Meryl,
Nicole and Julianne would agree!

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==



Raising Your Rates Can *Increase* Your Business

Posted in Home Business at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

How many times have I heard literal horror stories from
Internet business startups? Too many times to count! I get
emails from those who just simply canít seem to make a
living online. Theyíve tried everything (according to them)
and are still struggling to make ends meet.

At some point, the “conversation” always turns to price.
Thatís where I find a lot of online business people making
their mistakes. The common mindset among Internet business
startups is that you have to keep your prices rock-bottom
low in order to attract customers.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Raising your rates
(in some cases) can actually increase your business. How
so? Here are several reasons….

1. People Equate Price With Quality

Iím sure youíve heard the expression, “You get what you pay
for.” That statement comes from a long line of lessons
learned by people across the globe who have bought
something at a discounted price and regretted it later.

Maybe the product was used. Maybe it was made with inferior
materials. Perhaps a “discount” service they tried fell
through and left them in a fix. It could be any number of
reasons, but those who have tried the “bargain” or
“discount” route and have been burned are quick to look for
higher priced products and services. It makes them feel

I know of several online business owners who raised their
rates on the services they provide. What happened? For
about one week it seemed they had made the wrong decision.
Business all but stopped! However, after that “adjustment”
period, floods of leads came rolling in. They never
regretted it.

2. Customers View Higher Prices As A Status Symbol

Itís true! Iím sure youíve met some people who love to brag
about how much they paid for everything they own. Their car
was custom ordered from the dealer and cost much more than
any old car chosen from the showroom floor. Their clothes
reflect this seasonís latest trends and were purchased at
full price from the expensive department store… NOT at an
end-of-the-season clearance sale. I could go on and on.

The point is, many customers simply will not buy a product
or service at a discount price regardless of how good the
quality is. They have the “ability” to afford higher prices
and are proud of that fact.

3. Many Believe Expensive Products Are Image Boosters

I actually heard this conversation in a department store

Woman One: “Look at this blouse! Isnít it wonderful?”

Woman Two: “Itís OK, I guess.”

Woman One: “But itís an Adrian Bloom blouse! Iím going to
buy it and make all my friends jealous.”

Woman Two: “Who is Adrian Bloom?”

Woman One: “I have no idea, but this blouse costs twice as
much as that Liz Claiborne one so it must be the next big

Can you believe it? The woman had no idea who the designer
was, but based on price, she decided it would enhance her
image so she bought it.

The same is true of Internet shoppers looking for products
or services. Those who believe being associated in some way
with higher-priced businesses are more willing to spend
money because they feel it will enhance their images.

The psychology of pricing is a complicated subject, and
Iíll be the first to admit that raising rates will not work
for everybody. Before you raise your rates, consider the

1. Can you offer something better or different than your

2. Will the rest of your business support the “branding” of
a higher price? (i.e., Do you have a very
professional-looking site, excellent service, and other
elements that those who pay higher prices expect?)

3. Will the new pricing structure allow you to make as
much, or more, money by selling fewer items at a higher
price rather than many items at a lower price?

It just might be that the reason your business is
struggling is that youíre charging too little. Give some
serious thought to raising your rates. It just might be the
best thing you ever did!

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Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
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