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BLOGS! What They Are… And WHY They’re Becoming A POWER TOOL For Internet Marketers

Posted in Internet Marketing at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

BLOGS! What a crazy name for the “NEWEST” Internet
marketing trend to hit the Internet.

But, I like it.

It makes this new form of communication kind of mysterious
in a way, though, BLOGS have been around for quite some
time and only recently have been recognized as a VERY
valuable asset to Internet marketers.

Recently, I was visiting some Internet marketing related
Forums and noticed many of the threads having similar
“Subjects” saying… “What the heck are BLOGS?”

So, I did a little research and this is what I came up with
since I was Very curious myself.

I think it’s best that I clearly define to You exactly what
a “BLOG” is so that as I go through this article with you,
you’ll have a clear picture in your head of what a Blog IS
and so there won’t be any confusion.

A “BLOG”(A.K.A. Web Log) by definition is:

A combination of online diary and/or guestbook. You sign up
for a blogger account and then you enter the information
You want on your Website. Then you can set it so that only
you can place entries on it or so that anyone can. Then you
can either keep a private journal or you can have a place
where your readers can get together and place entries to
each other or to you.

So… there you have it in a nut shell.

To simplify it even more let’s just say BLOGS are a place
to go and post your personal thoughts that you can share
with your subscribers and/or readership and receive

Now, for the purpose of this article, now that you know the
true definition of a “Blog”, I’m going to share with you
some reasons WHY they’re becoming a widely recognized
“POWER TOOL” for Internet marketers around the world.

So, with that said, lets go to Reason #1.

Reason #1. Great way to stay in touch with your subscribers.

Blogs are a great way to stay in touch with your
subscribers and/or readership and builds regular readership
Traffic to your little community where you can interact
with them.

It also helps build rapport, which in turn, will help
develop that TRUST in You, Your Products and/or Services
that You recommend.

Reason #2. It’s a great way to get “Feedback”.

Blogs are a great way to get Feedback from your
subscribers/customers simply because they have the ability
to leave comments on each “Post” you make which will then
help you find what it is they’re looking for making YOU
look like a “Hero” in there eye’s and putting $Money$ in
your pocket.

Reason #3. Can be managed by ONE individual.

Blogs require NO “HTML” experience, making it easy for
ANYONE to get started.

Most “Blog” communities online use what is called a
“WYSIWYG” HTML editor.

Did I lose you there with the “WYSIWYG” abbreviation. That
simply stands for… “What You See Is What You Get”.

It’s one of the easiest HTML editors to use, making it easy
for You to get started right away.

Reason #4. Your able to list your “Main” website details.

When you sign up for your Blogger account you’re given an
area to set-up your “Personal Profile” where your able to
list your Main website and URL, plus, any other personal
information you wish to share that will be displayed on
your Blog.

Reason #5. A great way to publish “Information”.

This is probably ONE of the Biggest benefits to Blogs
because you have the ability to post informative
information in the form of “Articles and/or Reviews” for
your subscribers and/or readership which will make you look
like an Expert on the subject and giving you INSTANT
credibility in the eye’s of your reader.

Reason #6. You get your own URL.

That’s right, you get your own URL you can use in all your
promotions and/or on your personal website if you have one.

This feature is great, especially for people just starting
out and don’t have there own website up and running yet.

Here’s my Blog for you to take a look at.

It’s called… The Internet Wonders Blog.

Reason #7. Search Engines love them.

Search Engines love Blogs because they are so “Content
Rich” and are always being updated on a Daily to Weekly

When you compare a regular static website, which might be
updated on a monthly basis, to a Blog, which is updated on
a Daily to Weekly basis with NEW content, you’ll gain favor
with the search engines with your Blog.

The S.E. “Spiders” will then gladly stop by to munch down
on whatever NEW content you posted and Index your website
more often since that is what Search Engines love and are
constantly looking for.

Reason #8. The ability to use RSS with Blogs.

A powerful feature about Blogs is the use of RSS (Really
Simple Syndication) that allows you to Instantly send your
Blog highlights to your readership upon publication which
will keep your reader up to speed on your business and your
Products and/or Services.

Not only that, RSS also gives your Blog more exposure to a
wider audience of subscribers building a bigger readership
in less time.

By simply adding an human element to your business through
the use of a “Blog”, IS a great way to build rapport and
gain the trust of your subscribers and/or readership, which
in turn, will turn them into buying “Customers”.

Well, there you have it, “BLOGS! What They Are… And WHY
They’re Becoming A POWER TOOL For Internet Marketers”.

I hope this article clearly answered the questions you once
had about “Blogs” and the benefits of starting one of your

Want ‘Step-by-step’ advice on starting your Very own online
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7 Powerful Ways to Get One-Way Inbound Links

Posted in Internet Marketing at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

It’s no secret that having links pointing to your website is very good for search engine rankings, and gives more ways for human visitors to find your website. So, how do you get one-way inbound links to your website? Well, there are numerous ways, and I am going to focus on seven of the most effective techniques.

You probably already know about link exchanges as great way for getting links to your website. However, with link exchanges, you have to give a reciprocal link back to the website that is linking to you. In this article I am going to show you how to get links to your website without giving a link back.

Ok, here are seven powerful ways for getting one-way inbound links:

1) Content  Packing your website full of useful content is one of the best ways to get inbound links. When you have a lot of content other webmasters will naturally link to you because your site will be valuable to them and their visitors.

Some examples of good content to add to your website would be; free articles, tools, tips, and resources related to your website theme. You could also have a blog that you update regularly with fresh content.

2) Testimonials  A big trend on the internet right now is adding testimonials to websites. The site owners typically get the testimonials from their site visitors and business customers. In exchange for the testimonial they usually give a link back to your website.

Every time you come across a great website, or have a good experience with a purchase, send a testimonial to the website owner. If they decide to publish your testimonial you will get a link to your website. After a while these links will add up to a significant amount.

3) Online Directories  There are hundreds of online directories that accept website submissions. This is a very good technique for getting one way inbound links. Many of the top directories require you to pay for inclusion or provide a link back to their directory. You can give the link back if you want, or pay if you have the extra money. However, there are also numerous directories that will accept your website without payment or a link back.

All you have to do is find the ones that accept free submissions and you will get your one way inbound links. You can find quite a few directories, and some other great information about submitting to directories at http://www.directory-pages.com/

4) Articles  Writing articles is one of the best techniques for getting one-way inbound links to your website. Many webmasters are looking for more content for their websites and Ezines. You can provide them with that content by writing articles and submitting them to websites, Ezines, and article directories.

In return for your effort you can put a little blurb about yourself and/or your business, with a link to your website, at the end of the article. You will rack up a very high amount of inbound links to your website by utilizing this technique. I have done it many times with a lot of success.

5) Free E-book  You can write an e-book and offer it for free in exchange for a link to your website. You can also put links to your website and other affiliate links in the e-book. Putting the links in the e-book will increase your website traffic and affiliate profits.

You are probably thinking that you can’t write an e-book. Well, yes you can! It doesn’t have to be some killer piece of work that you spend months writing. Instead, you can just make it a collection of your favorite articles, resources, and tools related to your website theme. As long as it is useful to your visitors they will gladly link to you in order to get it.

6) Blogs  There are actually a few ways to get one-way inbound links with blogs. The first way is simply to host a blog on your website and update it frequently. People tend to link to blogs because they provide content that is constantly being updated.

The second way you can get one-way inbound links with your blog is to submit it to blog directories. Just like website directories, there are tons of blog directories on the internet that you can submit to for free. Just do a search on Google for blog directory and you will find many of them to submit too.

The third way of getting inbound links with a blog is to host it somewhere other than on your website. Then, provide a link from your blog to your website. After you have done that, you can submit your blog to directories for the extra page rank and added exposure. Use this third technique with as many blogs as you have time to update regularly with quality content.

7) Free Article Directory  Create an article directory on your website and allow your visitors to submit articles to it. Ask for a link back to your website in exchange for the article submission. This will build your inbound links and create free content for your website.

Alright, there you go, you now have seven very effective techniques for getting one-way inbound links to your website. Get started on them right away and you should see your search engine rankings rise, your website traffic increase, and your profits explode. If you have any questions about any of these linking techniques just let me know, I will be happy to help. You can find my contact me link at the bottom of my website.

Trent Brownrigg is a successful Home Business Entrepreneur. He is also a Webmaster and writer on work at home topics. Learn more at: Work at Home Jobs Iowa


8 TOP Ways To Promote Your RSS/XML Feed For MAXIMUM Exposure

Posted in Internet Marketing at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is the new technology on the
block and is taking the Internet by storm as Internet
marketers are hurrying to incorporate this new form of
communication and technology into there existing online
businesses to Maximize there exposure online with NEW
and/or Existing customers.

I recently received a post on my Blog from a fellow that
inspired me to write this article since I found the nature
of the topic important to ALL who are serious about getting
the most out of there RSS feed and this new technology.

I’m pretty sure you can guess what he ask from reading the
headline of this article.

Well… I did some research on what he had asked of me and
came up with…

“8 TOP Ways To Promote Your RSS/XML Feed For MAXIMUM

So, with that said, let’s dive into the first and MOST
important step to Maximizing your RSS feed for the exposure
it deserves.

Step #1. Build a dedicated webpage for your RSS feed.

This is probably the most important part of getting the
most out of your RSS feed, is by building your own
dedicated webpage for your RSS feed subscription.

The KEY here is to give your potential readers many options
to adding Your RSS feed.

The best way for me to illustrate this to you is by
clicking on the link below that leads to my dedicated RSS
feed subscription page so you can see first hand what you
need to do to get yours started.

Click here:

Did you notice all the different options I give?

That’s what you need to do.

Now, for those of you who aren’t so web savvy, don’t worry,
I have something for you that will auto-generate a RSS feed
webpage for you within minutes if you already have a Blog
or RSS feed.

The service I’m talking about is called FeedBurner.com —
http://www.feedburner.com — and is a free service for you
to sign up for.

Here’s what my webpage through FeedBurner.com looks like so
you’ll have an idea of what yours will look like.

Do you see all the options they give your potential readers
to add your RSS feed to there RSS readers?

Once you’ve accomplished one of the two options above your
all set to start promoting your RSS feed for MAXIMUM

Step #2. Add links to your RSS feed webpage on your website.

This is yet just another way to pull your visitors towards
your RSS feed webpage by simply adding Text or Graphic
links to your existing webpages.

Make sure you put them in Highly visible area’s where your
visitors will see your links.

I would would put one at the top, middle and bottom of your

This really depends on what kind of website you have so
you’ll have to use your own dicression.

Here’s what I have done on my website to give you an
example. Click here: http://www.internetwondersezine.com

Step #3. Add this HTML tag to your RSS feed webpage.

Here’s something you can add to all your websites webpages
that will get the attention of Search Engines spiders to
come on over and check out your RSS feed further.

Simple add the following HTML tag to the head of your

link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml”

(note: add this in front of “link rel” and this to the
end after the forward slash /)

Step #4. Some idea’s if you have your own newsletter.

If you have your own newsletter like I do, here’s a couple
ways to get your visitors to visit your RSS feed webpage.

Add a link on your “Thank You” page that leads to your RSS
feed webpage. Whether its a Text or Graphic link.

The key here is to get your RSS feed link in front of your
readers as much as possible to get them to add your RSS
feed to there readers.

The next one is, add a link inside your “Welcome” email
that’s sent out to your New newsletter subscriber after
they’ve subscribed.

This again, will give you another chance of getting them to
add your RSS feed to there readers.

Step #5. Put together a “Signature File”.

Here’s another couple great ways to get your RSS feed
webpage more exposure every time you send out an email or
post to any online forums is by simply putting together a
“Signature File”.

Now, every time you sent out an email to your list and/or
business contact you can attached your “Signature File” at
the end of every email you send.

The same goes for online forums, every time you make a post
or answer someone else’s, your “Signature File” will be
automatically attached.

Your “Signature File” doesn’t have to be a huge, a few
enticing lines will do fine with your RSS feed URL.

Step #6. Submit your RSS feed to RSS Directories and SE’s.

Another great way to give your RSS feed more exposure is by
submitting it or them to RSS Directories and Search Engines.

I’ve listed a few resources for you below to get you
started with.

- Feed Shark

- Ping-O-Matic

- RSS Top 55

Step #7. Write an article, if you write articles.

This is a great way to get your RSS feed webpage in front
of thousands of targeted readers absolutely FREE!

Simply write an article on a HOT topic within your niche,
and at the end of your article add an enticing, attention
grabbing “Resource Box” that points to your RSS feed
webpage URL.

Step #8. Set-Up a PPC(Pay-Per-Click) campaign.

For the last step to getting your RSS feed webpage Maximum
exposure is to set-up a PPC campaign.

By doing this you will be able to send HIGHLY targeted
traffic to your RSS feed webpage that are hungry for the
information you have to offer.

The only downside to doing the PPC tactic is that it will
cost you.

And, this tactic solely depends on whether or not you chose
to set-up an RSS feed webpage of your own.

Now, I’m sure there are many others ways out there that
could draw in more visitors to your RSS feed, but, these
ones I just outlined in this article are the Best ones in
my mind and are the ones I use.

Well, this concludes the, “8 TOP Ways To Promote Your
RSS/XML Feed For MAXIMUM Exposure”, so, the only thing I
have left to say to you is… Get Started!

Want ‘Step-by-step’ advice on starting your Very own online
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3 POWERFUL Ways To Profit From Your BLOG… Starting TODAY!

Posted in Internet Marketing at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Cyberspace has a NEW marketing tool, even though they’ve
been around for quite some time, yet, ONLY recently have
been recognized as a Powerful communication tool for
Internet marketers.

If you’ve been following the latest Internet marketing
trends like I have, then you’ve definitely heard of them.

What’s this new marketing tool I’m taking about that every
Serious marketer should have in place?

BLOGS! …(A.K.A. Web-Log).

Now, just for those of you who aren’t quite sure what a
BLOG is, here’s a quick definition:

A BLOG(A.K.A. Web-Log) is basically a journal that is
available on the web. The activity of updating(usually on a
daily to weekly basis) a blog is called “Blogging” and
someone who keeps a Blog is a “Blogger”.

There you have it, quick and to the point.

If you want to read up more about “Blogs”, here’s a link to
an article I wrote earlier that goes more in depth.

Okay. For the rest of this article I want to focus on how
ONE can $$Profit$$ from having there own Blog.

I’m going to list three ways that I think are the Best and
most Powerful ways to get the most out of your Blog.

So, with that said, let’s go to Profit Tactic #1.

Profit Tactic #1. Writing “Articles”.

Writing “Articles” are a very Powerful way to profit from
your Blog.

There are many reasons why “Articles” are valuable to your
Blog, but, for the purpose of this article I’m going to
give you the most important part, and that’s your “Resource
Box” at the end of your article.

Your “Resource Box” is like a classified ad and holds
critical information about You, your websites and what you
have to offer them after they’ve read your article.

The links within your “Resource Box” could lead to your own
Product or Service you have to offer, or they could lead to
a Affiliate Product related to the content of your article.

This is a great way to give them something of “Value”,
which is the information within the article, and a great
way to get them to take action by way of getting them to
click on one of the links within your “Resource Box”.

That’s “Profit Tactic #1″.

Profit Tactic #2. Writing “Product Reviews”.

Writing “Product Reviews” is a great way to profit from
your Blog simply because they allow you to Soft-Sell your
potential customer by way of giving them your personal
opinion on the product you are recommending and then
providing them with a link if they wish to look into it
further, instead of throwing a Sales Pitch at them.

Nobody likes to be sold, but, offering them your insight on
a Product and/or Service that could help solve the problem
they’re dealing with is yet another great way to profit
from your Blog and make you look like a Hero.

That’s “Profit Tactic #2″.

Profit Tactic #3. “Text Ad” Programs.

“Text Ad Programs” like Affiliate Power Ads or Google
Adsense are yet Another great way to profit from your Blog.

I’ve listed these two “Text Ad” programs for a reason, One
is a Pay-Per-Click(Google Adsense) and shows related ads to
the content on that particular webpage and the other
one(Affiliate Power Ads) makes You up to $60 to $100
dollars in commissions on a single click.

Here are the links for you to check them out further if you

Google Adsense —

Affiliate Power Ads —

They are both FREE to join and only take you minutes to
set-up depending on your experience.

Here’s an example of how mine looks if you were to set-up
your Blog through Blogger.com — http://www.blogger.com
with both of these programs. http://theiwe.blogspot.com

The great thing is… they’ll be displayed on every page of
your Blog when you make a post.

I also provided a link below that shows you How-To set this
up “Step-By-Step”, making it Easy for you to get started.

Now, I’m sure there are many other ways to $$Profit$$ from
your Blog, but these ones in my mind are the most Powerful.

Well… there you have it, “3 POWERFUL Ways To Profit From
Your BLOG… Starting TODAY!”.

If you haven’t started a BLOG, maybe it’s time you
considered it since NOW you have some incentive.

I truly hope this article helped you realize the $$Profit$$
potential your Blog could have and how you can start
incorporating it… Starting TODAY!

Want ‘Step-by-step’ advice on starting your Very own online
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Threlfall’s Free ‘Weekly’ ezine called
The Internet Wonders eZine


10 Quick and Easy Steps To Building A HIGHLY Targeted And Responsive Opt-In List

Posted in Internet Marketing at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

We’ve all heard it that in order to stay in business online
you need to build a Targeted ‘Opt-In’ list.

Well… I truly have to agree with that simply because this
is where you’ll always have a consistent source of FREE
Targeted traffic(also referred to as ‘Sticky Traffic’) to
promote your offers or related information to for years to

It just makes sense, wouldn’t you say?

And, we all know that ‘Email’ is where the $MONEY$ is truly
made when it comes to marketing your business online
because it gives You the ability to Follow-Up your
potential customers until they decide to buy from You.

But, the problem that usually takes place is that people
don’t know where to start when it comes to building there
own targeted Opt-In list.

Now, for those of you that are new Internet marketing and
don’t know what a ‘Opt-In’ list is, here’s a quick
An ‘Opt-In’ list is simply a database of peoples Names and
Email Addresses that have subscribed to an email list via a
web form giving that list owner permission to send them
periodic emails on the topic they are interested in.

Notice how I said, “giving that list owner permission to
send them email”.

When they subscribe to your Opt-In list they are giving You
permission to send them offers or related information on
the topic they are interested in, this is known as
‘Permission Email Marketing’.
This is the ABSOLUTE safest form of email marketing where
You won’t get accused of ‘SPAM’.

This is very important that You understand this from the

So, now that you have a clear idea in your mind of what an
Opt-In list is and how it will benefit You and your
business, I guess it’s time to share with you the simple
‘Ten Step Process’ that I have put together for you on
How-To build your own targeted Opt-In list that you can
email your offers to at any given time for $Profit$.

Step #1. Pick your Target market or Niche.

This is a very important step because this is where you
need to figure out who your target market is going to be
for the Product or Service your going to offer.

So, for example, if I was interested in selling a book
related to Internet Marketing, well then, my target market
would be Internet Marketing related. <

Step #2. Can your Target market or Niche be reach online?

This step is where you need to do a little research on
whether or not your particular target market can be reached

In order to do this you need to do some keyword research
using keywords related to your target market.

You can do this by using the Overture keyword research tool
located at the URL I’ve provided below.


Simply type in the keywords related to your target market
in the form provided.

This will give you a detailed history of how many searches
have been made in the last 30 days on the keywords related
to your target market.
As a general rule, if your targeted keywords aren’t pulling
in 15,000 or more searches per month, then this is a market
I wouldn’t pursue simply because there isn’t much demand
for it.

Step #3. Are they making money in this Niche?

This is where you need to do some research on your
competition to see if people are spending any money in this

You can do this by going to Google at http://www.google.com
and type in your targeted keywords related to your Niche in
the form provided.

This will give you a list of search results.

Those results are your competition, but even more
important, to the right you’ll notice little ads.

These are paid ads offered through Google Adwords.

This means that somebody is willing to pay to advertise and
is paying attention to this particular Niche and must be
making money if they’re willing to pay for advertising.

That’s good news for you.

Step #4. Use Forums to find your Target markets problems.

Forums are a great place to find out exactly what your
potential customers TOP problems are by simply scanning
there posts and looking for the most common threads.

By doing this you’ll be able to know right away what your
target markets TOP problems are and how you can help solve
there problem.

To find Forums related to your Niche simply visit Google
http://www.google.com and type in your targeted keywords
with ‘+ forums’ after your keyword.(ex. internet marketing
+ forums)

Step #5. What’s keeping them from getting what they want?

This is where you have to figure out whats keeping them
from getting what they want in order to fix the problems
they are dealing with, meaning, this is where you need to
work with them to find a solution to there problems.

Whether its a Product they need or a Service of some sort.

Step #6. What can you offer them to solve there problems?

This is where the money is being spent.

Now, the only thing you need in order to receive your share
of the revenue is a Product or Service that will solve your
potential customers problem.

If you don’t have a Product or Service of your own don’t
get discouraged.

I’m going to give you two resources where you can find
products or services that You can become an affiliate for
that are related to any Niche that will pay you a
commission for every sale you make by simply referring your
traffic to there website.

The two websites to visit are http://www.clickbank.com and

Step #7. Set-Up a simple direct response mini-site.

Here is where you Set-Up your lead generating website with
a Follow-Up System that your potential customers will come
to and Opt-In to your list to start receiving offers or
related information on the topic or problem they are having.

This is a very simple process to do and you can view my
website as an example of how one would look.


If you don’t know how to build your own website you can
always hire someone to do it for you by going to…

Step #8. Get an Auto-Responder account.

This is where you’ll be laying the foundation down for your
You MUST have an Auto-Responder account Set-Up before you
make your mini-site go live because this is where your
potential customers are going to come and submit there Name
and Email Address so that you can start building a list to
send your offers or related information to.

So, do not miss this important step.

Step #9. You need to figure out what ‘Bait’ to use.

What I mean by ‘Bait’ is… what are you going to offer
them for FREE to get them to subscribe to your Opt-In list.

Here are some examples of what you can use as ‘Bait’:
ebooks, special reports, mini-courses, coupons, etc.

These are the most common. It really depends on who you are
targeting, so be creative.

Step #10. Reach out to your target market.

This is the part where you send traffic to your website in
order to get subscribers.

I’m going to mention only two methods.

These methods are the most POWERFUL and for good reason,
they work.

The first method is Writing Articles.

By Writing Articles your showing your target market that
You are someone who knows how to help solve there problem
and may have a possible solution for them.

This is the quickest way to build INSTANT credibility in
your Niche.

The second method is to send targeted traffic to your
mini-site through Pay-Per-Click search engines.

Pay-Per-Click search engines are where you bid on the
keywords terms related to your target market and are listed
according to the highest bid for that keyword term.

By using PPC search engines, it will get you infront of
your target market Instantly.

Writing articles gives you INSTANT credibility and will put
you infront of thousands of readers, and Pay-Per-Click
search engines send you HIGHLY targeted traffic to your
website within minutes depending on which PPC search engine
you are using.

The More traffic you send to your website, the More
subscribers you’ll receive.

It’s simply a numbers game.

Well… there you have it, “10 Quick and Easy Steps To
Building A HIGHLY Targeted And Responsive Opt-In List”.

Now… it’s up to you to take the neccessary Action in
order to get started with your own targeted Opt-In list.

If you already have an existing web business online simply
implement the steps outlined above to your existing website.

These are the 10 basic steps required in order to get your
Opt-In listing building started in the Right direction.
Simply follow them and you’ll be on your way to receiving
your first subscriber in No Time.

Want ‘Step-by-step’ advice on starting your Very own online
Internet business in as little as 48 hours? You can subscribe Cory
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The Internet Wonders eZine


Who Says the Customer is Always Right?

Posted in Internet Marketing at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

We all know the old adage, “The Customer is Always Right.”
If you are an online business owner or offline for that
matter, you are on both sides of the subject almost

Before I started my online business, I was just on one
side… the customer. I whole-heartedly believed in the
above adage and never questioned it at all. In fact, I
would get rather perturbed at ANY business owner, manager,
or supervisor that would disagree with any complaint I had.

When I started my own online business back in 1997, I
slowly began to learn the “other side.”

My business products are all downloadable. If your business
includes downloaded material, you know where I’m going with
this one. I get NUMEROUS complaints EVERYDAY about
usernames and passwords not working, corrupt downloads, and
the big one… “I can’t open the download.”

Now I always
reply in a very helpful gesture, but my first question is
always, “Are you entering the username and password exactly
as shown?” This seems to be one of the “biggies” with
newbies. They do not understand “case-sensitive” — heck —
they don’t even know what that means!

But it doesn’t matter HOW simple I make the instructions
and overall download process, I STILL get these everyday. I
am accused of being a “scammer” at least 4 - 5 times a
week… and that’s on a GOOD week! :o )

The whole point of the above example is NOT that customers
are wrong — that’s not the problem at all. Many of them
are very new to the internet and sadly, they do not read
through the directions most of the time. I have found that
I basically have to put myself back into the “newbie” frame
of mind — as hard as that is to do! I don’t remember NOT
knowing how to download, enter case-sensitive passwords,

You MUST try to understand that customer… at the point of
contact, whether by email or phone, they have probably sat
there for HOURS trying to figure it out. They are
irritated, angry, and they’ve pretty much decided at that
point that you scammed them.

Yes, it’s irritating getting these “dumb” questions and
emails even when you have them broken down so simply in the
instructions. But face it, you’re going to get them and you
will get them often as more and more climb on the “web

When I get a very insulting email (yes, I HAVE been called
the “B-word,” the “MF-word,” and recently a new one that I
have never heard before… it was quite disgusting), I do
not answer it immediately. I let my initial anger subside.
When I can read through it and giggle… it’s time to
answer. I find that 80 - 90% of the time, the customer is
VERY embarrassed of their initial email by the time I have
helped them courteously through their problems.

I had to learn this process through time. Believe me… I
am a VERY sensitive person and I used to take these to
heart. It HURT! I had to revert back to my “customer side”
as well as the “newbie” frame of mind and do my best to
understand the person’s anger.

One angry customer can lead to thousands if not millions in
lost business revenue! Especially on the internet. That one
customer tells one friend who in turn tells another and so
on a so forth. You COULD get a real “psycho” customer that
decides to start a website all about YOUR company and YOUR
poor service or product.

Watch that one spread like a virus! :o )

On the other hand, exercise great customer service (get
those emails answered within 24 hours, folks) and watch the
*praise* of your company spread! I guarantee that you just
GAINED thousands in sales!

MOST importantly remember these three things:




You are NOTHING without them. Treat them like gold and you
will RECEIVE gold in return!

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==



What’s the Secret to Repeat Business?

Posted in Internet Marketing at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

When you think about ways to gain repeat business from your
customers, you probably turn your thoughts to marketing
efforts such as advertising, public relations and other
means that will allow you to repeatedly be seen. However,
without one particular element included in your plan, your
efforts to entice customers to buy over and over will fail.
Even autoresponders - the “king” of repeat exposure - can’t
produce the type of loyalty needed to ensure your customers
continually send their dollars your way.

This missing link is often not even considered as part of a
marketing plan - but it should be! What is the secret to
repeat business? Exceptional customer service. Are you
surprised? You really shouldn’t be. Put yourself in
“consumer mode” for the next minute or two and let’s
explore the power of a solid customer service program.

Think of the last time you purchased from a business and
had a poor experience. What brought you to the business to
begin with? Maybe low price. Perhaps it was that the
company had a product/service you needed immediately. Even
selection can play a role in attracting us to a business.
But once you bought, what happened next?

When the product didn’t live up to your standards or when
the service didn’t work as expected, did you get the
response you needed? Did the company show concern for your
position? Did they correct the mistake or issue a refund?
If not, you - like most others - probably left vowing never
to buy from them again.

What you experienced was a marketing plan that had no
follow-through. They were able to entice you and draw you
in. They were successful in getting you to spend your
money. However, when it came time for the plan to promote
“backend sales”, it failed. It had no follow-through and
they lost the remainder of your business for life.

Here are several things to consider when creating a
customer service program that will help to boost your
marketing plan and your repeat business.

1. Weigh your options. Many small business owners panic at
the sound of the word “refund”. Don’t! Think seriously
about what you’ll be losing. You could take a small loss of
$29.95 now (or whatever the cost of the product is) in
exchange for future sales; or you can retain your $29.95
and lose hundreds or thousands of dollars later in future
business. If their complaints are handled to their
satisfaction, the majority of consumers say they will buy
from your company again.

2. Get personal. The number one complaint most consumers
have is that businesses don’t appear to care whether they
buy from them or not. Get to know your customers. Send a
thank you note or small gift when a purchase is made. Fire
off a short “just checking in” email when the customer’s
purchases seem to slow down just to ensure all is OK. This
extra effort will be noticed - and appreciated.

3. Follow through. If and when a problem with a customer
does arise, be sure to follow through. Don’t simply tell
the customer that you’ll ship a replacement product
immediately. Call or email them a day or two later to be
sure the new product arrived and is working as needed. This
is a true way to WOW your customers and lock in future

4. Have a plan. Don’t fall victim to “policy”, but do have
a flexible plan of action for when customers aren’t 100%
satisfied. Knowing what you plan to do will alleviate some
of the shock and stress associated with handling
unsatisfied customers. It will also allow you to present
yourself in a helpful and friendly way when working to fix
the problem.

A 1996 study performed by the U.S. White House Office of
Consumer Affairs proved that, if you treat your customers
with genuine caring and fairness, they will indeed reward
you with their repeat business for years to come. That’s
something you just can’t get from ads or autoresponders!

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==



Residual Income Awaits You Only By Staying In the Game

Posted in Internet Marketing at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

“Freedom is a scent, like the top of a new born baby’s head.
[Bono, U2]

This is so very true when you think about the whole
Internet marketing scenario. Its a common concept that people
think of financial freedom by owning their own successful
business. This may be true but I dont agree with it

For example, Lets say, you owned a successful IT business
8-10 years ago and it was extremely successful. All of a
sudden because of the global downturn, it bottomed out and you
started to lose money as quick as you were making it.
Are you financially secure now with residual income? I dont think so

Internet marketing is so very different in the respect that if you stay
in the game long enough to build a successful down line, you will eventually be financially secure. Ok you may say that a downturn may hit internet
marketing also but if you research the market, Internet marketing
has boomed since it has evolved. It is here to stay. Once you get the scent that residual
income awaits, you will start to devote all your energy and more into achieving
your dream.

Internet marketing gives you financial freedom that
no other company type can offer. You could go on vacation for 2
months, return and see that your commissions might have grown in the
meantime!. Financial freedom for me is earning while on vacation, while
sleeping, while in hospital, 24 hours around the clock.

The one drawback that you probably have guessed is positioning yourself
to earn this residual income. This definitely is the hardest part and where
the biggest percentage of opt-out’s occur. What you have to understand is
that the payoff for the patience and time you put in initially
to get your business off the ground is huge.

There have been a lot of instances
where an affiliate opted out in the initial stages because he did not think the
progress was where it should have been. It transpired thereafter, that if he had remained
in the game, since he had sponsored energetic affiliates, he would have earned huge residual income from their efforts.

He solely needed to maintain his position. I wonder does he have trouble sleeping at night! It may take 6-12 months before you register a profit in your business, but freedom awaits you if you stay committed. Dont end up being the guy that decided to opt out and has regretted it ever since. I reiterate, residual income awaits you only by staying in the game.

Author Jack Foley works from home in Ireland.
For more articles and information about Jack’s home business, visit Jack’s website:


What Happened? Troubleshooting Poor Response from Ad Campaigns

Posted in Internet Marketing at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Too many small business owners today run ad campaigns that
get little to no results, and they have no idea why. When
you have the knowledge to troubleshoot the poor responses,
you also have the knowledge to make the needed changes so
that - next time - your sales improve! Lets take a look at
the breakdown of an ad campaign, and how to determine what
went wrong.

Response vs. Results

Its important to understand the difference between
response rate and results. When a customer takes the action
you want him/her to take (i.e., clicking to your site,
calling your 800 number, etc.), then youve achieved
“response.” This does NOT mean youve made a sale. The
response rate of your ad campaign can be high without ever
selling one product or service.

“Results,” on the other hand, are the sales you make in
conjunction with the response rate. When a customer takes
the action you want him/her to take AND buys your
product/service, then youve achieved results.

No Response

When you get little to no response, chances are that one of
two things happened. One - your ad was poorly written and
didnt generate enough interest to excite the customer to
take action; or two - the ad didnt reach your preferred
target customer.

How do you determine which one is the culprit? Test! Use
the same ad, but place it in a different ezine or on a
different Web site. If response rate improves, you know the
ad is most likely fine, but the audience exposure was off.
If the response rate does not improve, its probably best
to rewrite the headline, the ad, or both.

Response But No Results

If you run an ezine ad, banner ad, etc., and get responses
without making any sales, the most probable theory is that
your supporting ad copy or offer is not doing its job.
Ezine ads, banner ads, and the like will never make a sale
on their own. The customer is almost always going to be
directed to click back to your Web site. If the copy/design
of your ad is working, but no sales are being made, take a
good look at the copy or design of your site. Chances are
that *it* could be costing you sales.

Again, testing is the key. Change a headline, add links
that direct to “more information” pages, and so on. Run the
ad again, and see if your results improve.

Youll notice that in either case, testing is the
recommended course of action. So many small business owners
get in a hurry and neglect to test their ads. While it may
seem costly to run an ad, change an ad, and run it again -
the truth is that running unproven ads all across the Net
without gaining any return on investment (ROI) is a huge
waste of money.

Yes, it does take a good deal of time. Yes, it can cost
additional money. However, once youve taken the time to
test an ad, and the copy on the supporting Web site that
customers will be directed to, youll be in a much better
position to ensure consistent sales from your campaigns.

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==



Were You Bamboozled by Google?

Posted in Internet Marketing at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Its still happening. “Florida,” “Boston,” “Ginger,” and
“Brandy” are just a few of the many Google updates that
have hit within the last few months. And Google is still
issuing periodic updates as we speak. No one can say for
sure whats going on or what to expect. One thing is for
sure… unless you want to get bamboozled by Google
(again!), youd be wise to take action to prevent it now.

So many people were screaming (and still are) about losing
tons of business due to Googles updates. Some have
reported 30%, 50%, or even total losses. What can you do?
After all, youre at the mercy of Google, right? WRONG!

Why Do Rankings Keep Changing?

Google, like many other engines, changes its algorithm
(formula for calculating who ranks where) from time-to-time
in an effort to filter out spammers and deliver the most
relevant search results possible.

Google has had updates since its very beginning. But now,
depending on which theory you choose to believe, they are
making more advancements that require more updates. This
means, even if you rank at #1 this week, you might not make
the top 30 next week.

How Do You Protect Yourself From Updates?

Diversify! It is never a good idea to have all your income
generated by one source. You wouldnt depend on having all
of your retirement savings from one source (thats exactly
why mutual funds are so popular), and you wouldnt have all
of your money in one bank. I mean, really! What if that one
source went under? The same principle applies to Internet

While search engines are a phenomenal way to drive traffic
to your website, they are most certainly not the only way.
In order to ensure you are protected should Google (or
whoever is the next “big” search engine) change their
formula yet again, you need to create a diversification

Think of all the outlets that reach your target audience.
Investigate each one to see how feasible it would be to
market your site through those channels. Then implement a
plan that includes several advertising avenues (including
search engines) that - as a whole - generates as much (or
more) business as you originally received from Google. That
way, should one of these channels go down, your business
would only be slightly affected.

Dont stop there! Twice a year youll want to go over your
plan and be sure that everything is working, as it should.
If one outlet begins to dwindle in its response, look into
finding a replacement. This way you are never taken by

Once you have your diversification plan working for you,
you will be in a much better position to be rest assured
that the business you receive will be there for the long
haul. You will also feel more comfortable that no one
organization can cause the tremendous damage Google has
caused and could cause again.

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==


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