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From Debt to Financial Freedom

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

The vast majority of working people are in debt. The vast majority of people who are now in debt are always struggling to find better jobs with higher pay checks. As strange as it may sound the more you think about it the more you will come to realise that the more money people make the deeper they get into debt. It almost seems that finding another job with better pay check is not the most effective solution to get out of debt.

These same people are now so weary that they are wishing to be out of debt forever, dreaming to never have to worry about money, craving to be financially free.

As you know, jumping from being deep in debt to having financial freedom is not a small leap at all. To attain real freedom takes concrete planning and self-discipline in taking orderly and progressive steps from where you are now to where you want to be.

Before your finances can actually soar you need to get out of your deep hole of debt first. This should be your first goal. As soon as you are out of debt, you can easily embark your journey to your financial freedom!

Track your daily expenses

The aim for doing this is to know exactly where your money goes everyday. Record every incoming and outgoing penny and evaluate every week how much money you spent on necessities and how much money you could have saved. Was it really necessary to buy those $200 shoes using your credit card? Could you have bought something less expensive with the money you actually had in your wallet instead of using your credit card again?

By recording and evaluating your expenses regularly you will come to see that there actually are ways to reduce expenses and save money! The more money you can save everyday the more money you will have to pay off your debt completely.

Don’t rob Peter to Pay Paul

Some people are so deep in debt that they don’t know what to do. It is common that at some point they would obtain cash advance on one visa to pay other credit card bills.

Do not go through this kind of “rob Peter to pay Paul” strategy! They usually don’t work. Most people are too easily tempted to further use the visa or the cash which was initially intended to pay other bills for shopping. Eventually, they wind up accumulating even more debt.

As you see there is no financial advantage for you in having more than one credit card. On the contrary, the “robbing Peter to pay Paul” strategy would only make your debt worse.

Cut up your credit cards and keep one card (if really necessary) for emergency ONLY.

Now that you are trying to get yourself out of debt and have actually started saving money to pay it off, stick to your plan and stop accumulating more debt. This should be your next goal.

One credit card can be very useful in case of emergency and having one credit card is usually still manageable. But if you are in debt with more than one credit card, in addition to other kinds of debt like car loan, mortgage etc., there will be times when you feel that you are drowning in it.

Choose one credit card to keep and cut up the rest. If you don’t trust yourself enough lock up the one card you have in your drawer at home to make sure you never use it for shopping. Discipline yourself not to use it unless in an emergency. Remember: you want to get out of debt, not accumulate it!

Plan Your Debt Elimination Process

The best ways to start your debt elimination process is by first sitting down and making a plan of attack.

Write down each debt that you have: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, car loan and so on. Now, make a list of your debt, starting from the smallest total balance to the biggest.

What you are going to do is concentrate on one debt for the next few months (or years depending on how big your debt is) and start paying off all of them one by one. Focus on the smallest debt first. Write down the monthly minimum payment of the smallest debt you have and add the number up with a percentage of your net income.

Let’s say the smallest debt you have is your Visa with the minimum payment of $148. The 5% of your net income is $70. For the next few months (or years) you will be paying off your Visa with the minimum payment PLUS the 5% of your net income, which is $218.

While you are focusing on your Visa, you should pay off the rest of your debt according to each monthly minimum payment agreement. This should go on until your Visa is paid off completely.

As soon as your Visa is paid off, you focus on the smallest debt. Like before, add up the minimum payment with 5% of your net income. But this time add the sum with the minimum payment of your Visa that is already paid off.
If your next smallest debt is the MasterCard with minimum payment of $183, this should be added up with the 5% of your net income AND the Visa minimum payment. The total payment for your MasterCard would be $401. Now that your Visa is paid off you have more money to pay off the rest of your debt faster.

Your next debt should be paid with the money you used before to pay off your Visa and your MasterCard minimum payment. This process should be repeated on and on until all your debt is eliminated.

By doing this you will shorten the years of your debt elimination process.

Manage Your Time and Money Wisely

Time and money is the most precious resources everybody has to actually attain financial freedom. But yet, none of us are taught in schools to manage them wisely.

Now you are in the process of paying off your debt. If you manage your time wisely to make more money to save or help to pay off your debt, you will not only speed up your debt elimination but retirement process and your financial freedom.

Devote some of your spare time to reducing your expenses and increasing your income. The sooner you become debt free the sooner you can save more money and invest to start working on your early retirement process and attain financial freedom.

Everybody knows the disadvantages of being in a debt. But not many of us are aware of the advantages of being debt-free. By being debt-free you have more money to save and invest to prepare for your retirement. And this should be your next goal. Use your time wisely to create extra money and use your extra money wisely to prepare for your retirement and eventually your financial freedom.

Create Passive Income

Now you have paid off your debt, taken up a side job and saved money for investing.

Your next important step to financial freedom is creating passive income.

Passive income is income which requires little or no work at all. Although it is possible to attain freedom just by saving, it will take decades to actually accumulate wealth. Some people never even make it there. By creating passive income you will not just be able to speed up your debt elimination and retirement process but also your journey to attain financial freedom.

The most powerful way to create passive income is by having your own small business or home-based business. This type of business does not require a lot of capital.

Keep your business expenses low and try to put aside a percentage of your net income for saving and another percentage for investing in your own business. Note that for the next 1-2 years you will be experiencing negative cash flow from your new business. But keep in mind that if you persistently invest your spare time, effort and money in your business, you will have all the quality time you want to spend with your family and friends, all the money you dream of for you, your family and even your grandchildren and all the freedom to live your life abundantly.

Dinar P. Wiria-Atmadja is a home-business entrepreneur, living in Jakarta, Indonesia and the owner of : http://www.financialfreedomawaits.com You are free to reprint and republish the article as long as you include the resource box with the author’s name and active link to her website URL.


What to Do When People Want Everything for Free

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

What to Do When People Want Everything for Free:
How to Politely Get Rid of Mooches

It’s a sticky situation. A prospect, a site visitor, or
just a casual acquaintance asks for your help or advice on
something. You gladly give it, thinking it’s a one-time
“favor.” But instead of providing a little free advice,
you’ve opened the door to an onslaught of mooching! Now,
every time you check your email, you find question after
question. What do you do?

This is a problem many online business owners face. You
want to appear friendly and helpful, but the person on the
receiving end of your favor is draining you dry. After all,
these are services you charge for. This is how you make
your living.

Like many folks, you don’t want to appear rude or
unprofessional. But the time you take to answer questions
and provide help is taking away from your ability to earn
an income. Let me tell you about one approach that seems to
work wonderfully.

Minimal Information

When the repeat offender asks for help, offer a minimal
response to the question. For the sake of illustration,
let’s say your area of expertise is in Web site design. If
the person asks for information on making his/her site
design more professional, you might consider saying that
adding a top border to the site would create continuity.
You might also mention that having black text on a white
background makes for easier reading (as opposed towhite
text with a deep purple background). However, don’t go into

This lets you give an answer to the question (instead of
just ignoring them), but doesn’t reveal any information you
might charge for.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Next, be honest. Explain that designing Web sites is what
you do for a living. It’s how you earn your income. Let the
person know that you would be more than happy to offer
consulting services or full-fledge design and maintenance
services, but these would come at a cost. Outline your
pricing structure for people so they’ll know exactly what
each service costs.

This action gets you “off the hook” (so to speak) and frees
you from having to answer any future questions.

Provide Alternative Resources

Go one final step further and find some alternative, free
resources the person might check into for additional
information. By offering a list of design forums, free
ebooks, or information -packed sites, you’re getting
yourself out of the picture in a kind and professional way.

Nine times out of ten, “moochers” either don’t have the
money to pay, or they are unwilling to pay for products and
services. In either case, you’re unlikely to make a paying
client out of such people. By using the steps above, you
gain your freedom, and at the same time provide helpful
resources where the moocher can get free information.

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==



What the Taco Bell Manager Taught Me About Customer Retention

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

I didn’t plan to get a marketing lesson. I really just
wanted a steak chalupa! But as I went through the Taco Bell
ordering line, my day took an interesting twist.

I’ve always been one to give compliments when they were
due. So, after receiving repeatedly good service at this
location, I decided I’d sing the staff’s praises. I asked
to see the manager. Fred came over and offered to help me.

I told him how pleased I was with the service, and that -
from my experience - not all Taco Bell’s were created
equal. (I had gotten some pretty rotten service at other
restaurants.) Fred just smiled and said, “Well, I’m not
only the manager, but I own all the Taco Bell’s in the
city. I bet I can tell you which stores left you unhappy.”

I was surprised. I named one location that I’d visited
recently and Fred interrupted with, “The manager is not
personable and doesn’t treat the employees well. I’ve been
trying to find a replacement but have had no luck so far.”

I named another store to which Fred replied, “That area is
full of rich kids who are undependable and don’t have any
work ethic.”

For each location I named, Fred began to tell me how good
(or not so good) the employees were. Never once did he say,
“They can’t make a taco to save their lives!” In fact,
there was no mention of the food at all. He didn’t say,
“They pre-make their burritos and let them sit” or “I’ve
told them a hundred times they need to put more cheese on
that.” It all revolved around people.

Next Fred made his point. “Ma’am, it all lies with the
employees. The food is the same all over, but some stores -
even in great locations - have lousy sales because the
people don’t treat my customers well.”

Fred is right on the money. Your products and services may
be the main reason a customer comes to you (I wanted a
chalupa). However, if they get unsatisfactory service, they
won’t stay long at all. (I won’t visit a few Taco Bell
locations in my city even though the food is all the same.)
There is simply too much competition out there for a
customer to tolerate impatience, rudeness or unprofessional

Consider the fact that your customers pay your salary. They
have the money you are seeking to earn. They also have a
choice - whether to stay with you or move to your
competition who offers the same, or a similar, product as
your business.

Wise business people keep their customers in mind at every
turn. Making people feel welcome and appreciated is a sure
fire way to increase customer retention. In fact, in the
results of the 1996 White House Office of Consumer Affairs
Survey, a lack of attention and caring was the #1 reason
people stated for leaving a company.

Do your people matter? Absolutely! In fact, you and your
employees are the reason you have customers. You and your
employees are the reason your customers come back. It all
boils down to people.

Keep that fact in mind throughout all your marketing, sales
and support efforts and you’ll see dramatic improvements in
your repeat sales - and ultimately your profits!

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==



Organization Tips That Add More Hours To Your Day

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

One of the most common complaints that small business
owners have is lack of time. What most don’t realize,
however is that their lack of time stems from a lack of
organization. But with a few simple tips - that you can
implement immediately - you can literally add hours to your

— Putting Things In Their Place

First and foremost, you should live by the motto, “A place
for everything and everything in its place”. When you are
finished with a piece of paper, a brochure or any other
physical document - file it. What usually happens is that
you finish using a piece of paper, “temporarily” put it in
a stack and then have to spend two hours cleaning up after
yourself once a week. Or, you may leave it in a stack and
spend two hours a day digging through the mess to find what
you need.

Create a filing system that works for you personally and
then use it! Perhaps you’d like a filing cabinet? There are
also expandable folders and numerous other filing systems.
Choose the one you like, create a folder for it and put it
where you can find it again if need be.

— I’ll Be Right There

How many times a day do you say (or think) that? Especially
if you work from home, you probably have plenty of
interruptions that take valuable time out of your day. If
you’re a work-at-home parent with young children, it may be
a bit more difficult to end interruptions all together, but
these tips will help.

1. Set “office hours”. As much as possible, let your family
know that between 8am and 11am, you’ll be working. Then
again from 1pm until 6pm you’ll be “in your office”.
(Or whatever hours work best for you.)

2. Ignore your email. Well, partially, anyway. Unless
you’re expecting some urgent message, don’t stop what
you’re going to run check your messages each time you hear
the “bell” ring. Decide on the time frame that works best
for you and then check your email at certain times during
the day. (Perhaps every three hours or so.) During the rest
of your work time, turn your email software off so you can
resist the temptation to check each message as it arrives.

3. Screen your calls. These days most people have voice
mail or an answering machine. Unless you’re expecting a
call, let the machine get it. Just as with your email
schedule, you can set aside time during the day to return
calls. This is a great way to avoid telemarketers, too!

— Automate and Delegate

When those routine tasks start taking up valuable money
making time in your schedule, it’s time to either automate
or delegate.

It’s all a matter of how you use your time - make money or
waste money. You can earn money each hour by performing
work or you can waste money by doing every little thing
yourself. There are several options you can look into in
this area.

Software - There is software available today that will do
practically everything! GoldMine or ACT can automate almost
all of your contact information, e-mailings, prospect
follow-ups, appointments and much, MUCH more. Outlook is an
exceptional ‘Day Timer’ type tool that can help with
scheduling as well as email. SystemWorks can automatically
maintain your computer’s “inner workings” and automatically
update your virus protection. There’s a program to do
practically anything you need.

Assistance - I know the first thing most small business
owners scream is “I can’t afford an assistant”! Maybe not
one that comes to your home and spends eight hours a day
with you, but you CAN afford a virtual assistant, a college
or a high school student.

A virtual assistant is someone who handles projects or
duties for you “virtually” from their computer. Perhaps you
need to have a report proofread. Just email it to him/her
and, once it’s done, they’ll email it back to you. Virtual
Assistants can also schedule appointments, follow up with
clients, return routine email inquiries and perform
numerous other tasks.

You can also check with the career development or job
placement offices of local high schools and colleges. They
often have students who are willing to work in exchange for
a small fee or for the experience itself.

Whatever you do - make the most of your time. Being
unorganized not only wastes hours of your day that you
could be making money, but it also is a tremendous stress
producer. Getting your office, your schedule and your day
in order can make for a much more fulfilling and profitable

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==



The Wealthy Mindset

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

What is the difference between wealthy people and poor (even average) people? It is not all the money that wealthy people have and the average don’t, nor the luxury, nor the lifestyle. It is their mindset.

A few lucky people have won a lot of money and become wealthy overnight but in short time many of them have returned to their prior financial condition too soon. There is no trace of all the riches they have once won. Very few of them can stay wealthy long enough to actually improve their quality of life.

Why? Because it is not the money and the luxurious lifestyle that make people wealthy. It is their mindset.

Real wealthy people act differently upon the big cash they can get their hands on and upon everything else pertaining money and possession. And this is because they think differently from most average people in the
first place.

Let’s think this through and discuss the way average people think…

As soon as they can get their hands on a big fat check, average people would almost immediately go shopping. Buy the latest model car, luxurious home, or spend it on renovation, once-in-a-lifetime luxurious vacation… blah blah blah.

They think that in order to really become wealthy, they have to possess all the stuff that wealthy people would have, travel to places wealthy people would go to, drive the cars wealthy people would drive or live in
big mansions where wealthy people would live.

Real wealthy people can afford all the above simply because they have higher purchasing power. Most of us, on the other hand, would think that by having all those above we just might be considered as ‘wealthy’. We
tend to think that to become wealthy we have to ‘act’ or ‘live’ like those who in reality are.

Ironically, the fact is to become wealthy we have to ‘think’ like real wealthy people.

Once again I must say that it’s the mindset that makes people wealthy. It’s neither their possessions nor what they spend their money on.

Most of us go shopping while holding on to this principle: Buy now, struggle later.

When wealthy people go shopping they think: Delay it now, invest the money, and have all you want later on! They embrace delayed gratification.

Generally, too soon, the average people would end up in debt due to their principles of immediate gratification. And in most cases their debt worsens. Car loans, furniture loans, education loans, home loans,
credit cards… and who knows what else.

As the story continuous, I believe, it becomes more and more familiar to the vast majority: In order to pay off all the debts, they become slaves of their own jobs after they realised that they had been “slaves of their own debt” for some time.

To them, a job becomes a necessity as opposed to a choice. It is chosen based on how big the salary is to pay off their debt, instead of on the satisfaction the job provides.

Can these people retire early? No. In fact, they wouldn’t even dare to think about it! They are too deep in debt to quit and to just come and go almost at will.

On the other hand, not only do the wealthy know the negatives of being in a debt, they also know precisely the advantages of being debt-free. By being debt-free, they have more money to save.

The more money wealthy people have, the more they can invest in their own businesses. Exactly these businesses are their assets that generate life-long passive income for them. True wealthy people have known

for decades that having traditional jobs would NEVER make them rich. It would make their bosses rich for sure but there is no way acquiring real wealth merely by trading time for money.

Can business owners retire early? Yes. Having your own business means having passive income for life (more likely even longer than that). If you work consistently on growing your business, you will come to a point where your passive income exceeds your daily living cost.

If this happens, you can choose when to work, where to work or what. Your choice of jobs will not be limited by how much money they provide. Moreover, a job for you would be more of a choice than a necessity. Even if you chose not to work, you would still have money coming in from your business.

This is what real freedom is and this is exactly how wealthy people think!

Ironically, I have met some people who sneer at the idea of investing in a business. For some reason they think that people who are interested in investing must be so much in love with money, or even slaves of it.

Most average people think that business owners must have become wealthy by the drive of their greedy, selfish minds. They tend to think that business owners must be slaves to their money and riches that they could actually have riches so abundantly now.

The truth is their mindset is exactly the opposite.

Exactly because of UNSELFISH reasons, business owners set up their businesses in the first place.

By having their own businesses which generate passive income for them, they have quality time to spend with their loved ones.

They are not too busy to go to their daughter’s first dance recital or to show up at his son’s birthday party.

They are not too busy to spend a one-week holiday with their spouse. They are not too busy (nor too broke) to be involved in voluntary social work.

The average traditional worker, on the other hand, would not be able to just go and have a holiday anytime he pleases. He has a too tight schedule to come to his daughter’s dance recital or his son’s 6th birthday
party. And, hey, he’s too busy (and too broke) to do voluntary social work! He needs jobs that pay well and social works just won’t do.

Well, who is the selfish one now?

Most importantly, because the businesses wealthy people own generate passive income not only throughout their lives but also throughout the lives of their children and grandchildren, business owners prove themselves even more UNSELFISH than the average people do.

People with typical jobs will either retire broke or die poor, leaving their families with nothing (if not with their remaining debt).

By having the right mindset, you will not only be able to have abundant riches, but also a great chance to live abundantly: do all the things that provide satisfaction, spend quality time with you family and friends,
and have all the time and money to voluntarily help other people and make your part of the world a better place to live.

Above all, having the right mindset will give you a chance to care and provide for your family even after you leave this planet.

Are you ready to adopt the wealthy mindset?

Dinar P. Wiria-Atmadja is a home-business entrepreneur, living in Jakarta, Indonesia and the owner of : http://www.financialfreedomawaits.com You are free to reprint and republish the article as long as you include the resource box with the author’s name and active link to her website URL.


Complaints Are Actually A Good Thing!

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Nobody likes to get complaints. They make you question your
judgment, they can ruin your day, and they almost always
leave you in a bad mood. But what if I told you that
complaints are actually a good thing?

Really! I’m not kidding. Complaints are one of the best
forms of research you can perform. Complaints are also one
of the best sources for new product/service ideas. How so?
Most people who complain are upset. When people get upset,
they are more likely to speak their minds. Most people who
complain also like to tell you exactly what you’ve done
wrong AND tell you how they would do it better. While your
customers’ attitudes may not be something to look forward
to, their hidden suggestions are!

Let’s look at this complaint:

“I can’t believe you are sending these huge files through
email! How ridiculous can a person be!? That clogs up the
emails of those of us who are on dial-up for at least 20
minutes. I don’t have time for this. You know, if you had a
brain in your head, you’d know about XYZ.com. They burn CDs
for about $0.30 each and will ship them to your customers
for about $1.00 each. Anybody can afford that price. I’ve
deleted your email. When you decide to operate like a real
business and send me a CD, I’ll look at it.”

Yes… it’s a harsh email. But most people who complain don’t
have very good manners, now do they? But take away the
emotion. Take away the temper. Take away the insults, and
what do you have left? A VERY good resource for CDs!

This person has just given you a resource that can:

(a) solve your problem with huge downloads

(b) be a new product to sell (CDs instead of downloadable

(c) offer you a solution that can benefit you and your

All for free!

How about the complaints that say, “You know, you really
ought to…” Well? Maybe you really ought to. Have you
thought about the customer’s suggestion? Yes, it was
probably hidden beneath a pile of profane words and
threats… but look deeper. In all honesty, is this unruly
customer doing you a favor?

It happens more often than you might think. People, in
general, have a bad habit of trying to show those they are
upset with how big and bad they are. More times than not,
you’ll get great ideas buried inside a wrapper of rudeness.

The next time you get a complaint, unwrap the package, and
you just might find that the complaint is a blessing in
disguise. If you remove the ugliness from the message, you
could very well have some terrific ideas for improving or
expanding your business!

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==



A Hard Lesson Learned ….

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Are you like me? I like to handle things on my own so I
don’t even THINK about incorporating help with anything I
am working on … especially my business as a whole.

Well, I learned something new recently. It was a HORRIBLE
experience that actually turned out for the better. Let me
tell you my story:

I have a team of about 2000 associates. Since all my sites
are hosted at Host4Profit except for the site that their
websites are hosted on, I decided to transfer everything
over. Well, I have transferred many sites before so I knew
how it worked. I knew I would get access to Host4Profit
before transferring with my registrar and that all I had to
do was upload everything over to the new host while my old
host was still active. This would make a seamless transfer.
No one would ever know anything happened …

To make a long story short, it didn’t turn out to be as
seamless as I hoped and things were a little messed up for
about a day. Needless to say, I received TONS of emails!

“What happened?!”
“Where did you go?!”
“Give me my money back!”
“Hello? Are you there?”

Well, I couldn’t ANSWER these emails because I was busy
getting the transfer problem fixed. This caused most of
them to email me a SECOND time, therefore doubling the
amount of emails sitting in my email box! Stress was
building as I worked to get the problem fixed ….

After the problem was finally resolved, I sent an update
letting everyone know what happened. I got back to any
emails that I felt needed answering … this whole thing
took almost 18 hours of my time and NO SLEEP for me!

The stress and the fact that I had no sleep took it’s toll
on me. When I got some really rude emails from some angry
customers and associates, I didn’t take my own advice and
let it sit until I calmed down. You know what I did
instead? I gave refunds to all of them! I didn’t even want
to deal with it … as a result, I refunded over $1000 in

I know, I know … you’re asking yourself, “How could that
be a good thing?” Well, it made me get out of my bull
stubborn “I’ll handle it all” attitude and incorporate some
much needed help. Now I have someone to answer those
emails, someone to answer those calls, and various other
things. What a RELIEF! Why didn’t I do it sooner?! :)

If you answered “Yes” to my first question above, heed my
advice. Take off those bull horns and find a couple of
people that you trust to help with some of your dauntless
duties. And if your business is not big enough yet to
incorporate help and you’re handling it just fine … don’t
forget this advice when it grows right before your very
eyes —-

Amazingly Simple (Yet Super Powerful)
Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales And Build Your Business
Into A Tower of Profits! ==



Why My Wife Is My Hero

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

My name is Chas Brothers. Many of you know me as an author of motivational articles directed towards both big and small business alike. As writers, we draw upon our knowledge and experience to offer our readers the one or two things they may need to inspire them to greatness.

Life experience is also a great teacher as are the people who have the greatest influence over us. My wife Jolene has been my source of inspiration and greatness for over 14 years. Those who know me intimately will tell you I don’t give away my affections easily but she brings out the best in me even when I don’t want her to.

When we met, I was informed by this Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and former Marine, that she was going to take this stubborn Polish, Native American, and former Army dog face and mold me! Friends you can imagine that at times, it was the classic clash of the Titans!

I have seen many things over the years which have caused me to view life in colors of black and white while she sees things from every form of gray imaginable. For me, there were no hero’s and I was desperately looking for where I fit in, in the overall scheme of things. The hero I was looking for was right in front of me all the time – my wife!

Jolene has taught me more about business and cultivating the tools I needed to succeed more than anyone. Without her direct support, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. I’m not surrounded by nay - sayer’s – just supporters. She is my editor, most staunch critic, advisor, and most trusted partner.

She has never ceased to amaze me. Despite at times a not so friendly work atmosphere at a couple of previous employers, she always maintained a high level of professionalism about her that was inspiring. And if that weren’t enough, when I got custody of my four children from a previous marriage she accepted them and set about teaching me how to be a good father to them.

I remember when I first started in management, I just couldn’t wait! I was the flavor of the month – an autocratic leader just like the bosses before me. Only problem was everyone went democratic on me overnight – I was lost!

I have always possessed the ability to motivate others and help them find their strengths but it was through her refinements of me that I was able to find mine and manage to give myself a break in the process. She has taught me to be tolerant of a great many things that I never thought I would be capable of.

All that I am, I owe to her for she is truly my hero, my rock. We make a pretty formidable team. It took 14 years to mold and shape this team but I was already moldy to begin with so she had a head start!

It’s important to me that you know what motivates and inspires someone who enjoys motivating others! I’m better because of her and it shows. Thank you Jolene - I Love you Kiddo!
Chaz Brothers is Home Business Owner & Entrepreneur. Visit his website

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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestlye

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Diet: the very word invokes fear. Well maybe not fear itself, but a fear of what dieting means. A lifetime of foods that you do not enjoy therefore let the suffering begin.

Many diet programs have come and gone. The reason they succeeded for the short term is because of our lust for immediate gratification. We want to lose weight and lose it fast. We fail to realize that it took us a good amount of time to get us into this shape. Marketing and packaging techniques are used to convince us that we needed to follow a certain type of plan. In reality many plans have taken dieting to its most extreme levels. As you well know most of those diet plans have gone to the wayside. The harsh reality is most of the results from the fad Diet Plans is yo-yo dieting. Take off weight. Put on weight.

What is a balanced Diet?

A balanced diet provides the vitamins and minerals that you require to maintain a healthy body. Recommended Dietary Allowances: Is the recommended intake of nutrients on a daily basis.

What to eat??

To maintain a balanced diet include these foods into your diet everyday: meats and meat products, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables, whole-grain products, milk and milk products, and eggs.

Avoid to much fat. But do not eliminate it completely from your diet. Choose low-fat protein, such as lean meats, poultry and fish. Use recipes that utilize broiling, baking and boiling. Limit the amount deep-fat fried and heavily breaded foods.

Avoid too much sugar. Know your sugars. Sucrose, glucose, dextrose, maltose, lactose, fructose, syrups and honey are all sugars. Eat fresh fruits or canned fruits in light syrup.

Eat foods with starch and fiber. Select whole-grain breads and cereals.

Avoid too much sodium. Learn how to read labels. Today we have so many seasonings, herbs, and spices available that you will learn to enjoy the taste of foods without all the salt. Take small steps to lower the amount of salt in your diet. Limit salt when preparing foods. Use lower sodium products.

So, you have decided you need a lifestyle makeover. It could be related to the long term effects associated with neglecting your health. It could be medically related or the natural aging process. Whatever the reason is for your decision, remember to seek information from reliable resources.

Your physician:

Before you partake in any kind of diet or exercise program talk to your doctor. Schedule a complete physical. Too many times people just decide they are going to start dieting and working out without understanding that even though they feel just fine they may have some restrictions that will inhibit there ability to participate in certain diet and exercise programs. We are all individuals therefore we must understand our bodies and our needs.

Talk to a Nutritional Professional:

Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Meal Planning Professionals are educated individuals that will help you find the Program that is right for you. Proper meal planning is an important key to maintaining and achieving your goals.

Talk to an Exercise Professional:

Now that you have followed the above steps, you are ready to start using the guidelines that will help start maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Which foods do I need to stay away from??

Remember, eat a balanced diet everyday. Maintaining a balanced diet will require some effort on your part. The biggest challenge is to learn how to measure the foods you are consuming. Once you have mastered this task, there are “NO” foods which you may not consume unless you are under direct orders from your doctor or have allergies to certain food products.

Determining the exact amount of Calories you should consume on a given day, is again dependent on your particular needs. If you a sedate you will require less calories than someone who has a very active lifestyle. Again, you should have a better understanding of your needs after you have consulted with the professionals listed above.

Diet and Weight issues flood us with information on a daily basis. Do your homework and find reliable resources before you embark on a diet and exercise regime.

Written by Tina Rideout successful Work at Home Team Member.

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How “Available” are YOU?

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

The internet can be pretty scary at times. Do you realise how easy it is to access your personal information? Your phone number, name, address? Even get driving instructions on how to get to your location (if you`re in the USA)??

Did you know that www.google.com works as a telephone directory?? If you`re in the USA, anybody can find you through their search engine. If you`ve got an unlisted number, this won`t apply to you:

Go type your phone number into the search box in this format 555 444 1212 (no dashes or anything). It`ll bring up your full name and address, and it`ll give you 2 map links. The yahoo map will even give driving instructions on how to get to where you`re at!!

There should be a telephone icon next to your listing. If you don`t want to be listed, click on that and request to be removed from the service.

This one`s for USA only, too: Free Internet Access to Public Records

Listed are over 800 state, county, city and federal (court) URL’s where you can access public record information for free. CrimeScreen.com

Don`t think you`re outta the woods just because you don`t live in the United States. There are worldwide lists too.
Here`s an example: www.hansaprint.fi

This one`s a combination of worldwide yellow and white pages. A lot of them will link you to maps, where anybody can see your location.

Ok, here`s another one, this one is reliant on people giving accurate info though. Do you own your own registered domain? go do a “WhoIs” here:

Brings up a lot of info, huh?

So how can you stop your personal information from getting broadcast on the web? Maybe you can`t, totally, but there are a few guidelines, that if followed, will make you less “available”

Make sure your phone number is UNLISTED! A lot of online phonebooks are based on a database used by the telephone company. Which in turn leads to your address.

Use a web based email program instead of the one provided by your ISP. Your ISP provided email address should only be given to your most trusted friends and family. This is because your ISP has your address, and possibly your banking information if your are allowing them to bill you automatically.

Get some software to make your websurfing anonymous:




Use a firewall program if you aren’t behind one already. That way the information on your computer can’t be accessed by another online computer without you being prompted for permission. This site contains an excellent list of many different personal firewall programs: castor.tsl.state.tx.us

So what if your information`s already out there? What can you do about it? Well it`s a long, hard job, but it CAN be done, by actually using search engines to find your personal information, and then using the remove features supplied by each particular website or writing the webmaster and requesting that he remove the info.

There you have it, you`re “available” but you don`t HAVE to be unless you want to.
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