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Vitamin, Mineral and Other Supplements

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Each year millions of dollars are spent on vitamin pills in the United States. Over two-thirds buy them because their doctors have recommended that they do. Others do so independently.

Those who do so independently either take one pill each day and expect that it will deliver all the vitamins that are needed for the whole day or take an arsenal of pills, and powders.

No two people have the same nutrient requirements. I may need a bit more Vitamin C, or you may need a bit more Protein than I do. Not only are we different genetically, but our lifestyles affect our nutrient needs.

Physical disabilities and illnesses also affect the amount of supplements we need to ingest on a daily basis. Another factor is the amount of medications you take.

What risk is involved when we take too much of one kind of vitamin supplement??

1. Taking vitamins A and D alone can cause an overdose , which has serious ill effects.

2. Powdered bone is a poor source of Calcium as it has been found to have large amounts of lead.

3. Kelp tablets have been found to contain raised levels of arsenic.

4. Vitamins C and E in large doses are toxic in some people.


Jane is a middle-age woman who is concerned about bone loss. She decides to take a Calcium supplement by its self. The problem here is that calcium needs Vitamin D to help the absorption of Calcium. Her body will eliminate the unwanted Calcium, therefore she is receiving no benefit from the calcium. The money she has spent on the Calcium has been wasted.

It is vital that when you begin to take a vitamin, mineral and other supplements that you take a multivitamin which has the balanced nutrients that we require.

1. Take only the recommended dosage.

2. Absorption is the key to a successful vitamin supplement regime. The truth is our bodies will regulate how many nutrients we need each day.

How do we know if we need a vitamin, mineral, or other supplement?

1. You eat irregularly for long periods of time.

2. You eat a large amount of fast foods and prepared foods.

3. Your exercise regime warrants the need for more nutrients.

4. Your doctor has recommended that you do so.

5. You consume less than 1500 calories each day.

The fact remains that the best way to maintain a healthy body and mind is to have a balanced source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The main source should be through our daily consumption of foods. But as our lives move at a faster pace it is necessary to take steps that will help us ensure we are receiving the nutrients we require daily.

It is important to find the balance between nutrition through food and nutrition through a multi-vitamin supplement.

Written by Tina Rideout successful Work at Home Team Member.

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Top 10 Tips for WinXP Users

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Are you new to WinXp? Just upgraded, or gotten a new computer maybe? Or you might have friends and contacts who use it and you want to “show off” a little by teaching them a few tricks? I`ve collected 10 of my favourite WinXP tricks, each of them easy to use, and very helpful, and if you follow the instructions step-by-step, they work perfectly. So here goes:

Top Tip #1:

Having a problem making your desktop icons stay exactly where you put them?

When you temporarily change your desktop to a lower resolution—for example whilst using Safe mode, Windows can wreak havoc with your careful positioning of desktop icons.

Right click your desktop click arrange icons and uncheck auto arrange. You can now drag & drop them wherever you want them. Note that if you start your computer in SAFE mode you will have to rearange them again.

Top Tip #2:

Accidentally moved your taskbar and want it back where it was?

Point your mouse to a ‘blank’ area inside the taskbar, THEN hold down your left mouse button, and DRAG it down where you want it to go. It may take a couple of tries to get it over.

Top Tip #3:

Feel like changing your Start Menu?

(1) Right click a blank spot on the Start Menu.

(2) Select Properties

(3) Select Customize

(4) Select the Advanced tab.

Most of those preset items which don’t have the option to check or uncheck will be there. For each item listed you’ll have the option to Display as link or Display as menu or Don’t display this item. Make your selection as you desire. Note that you will have the option to display the Control Panel as a menu, which you might find very useful.

Top Tip #4:

Getting grey popup boxes with ads in? Stop the spam like this:

(1) Select “Start”

(2) Select “Settings”

(3) Choose “Control Panel”

(4) Choose “Administrative Tools”

(5) Choose “Services”

(6) Right-click on “Messenger”

(7) Select “Stop”
To permanently disable Messenger:

(8) Right click “Messenger”

(9) Select “Properties”

(10) Change “Startup Type” to “Disabled” and click “OK”

Top Tip #5:

Having problems viewing sites cos your computer isn`t accepting the cookies?

Open a New Browser window.

(1) Click on Tools (in toolbar).

(2) Click on Internet Options.
(3) Click on Privacy.

(4) Click on Advanced.

(5) Click on Override Cookie Control.

(6) Click on Enable First Party Cookies.

(7) Click on Enable Session Cookies.

(8) Click OK.

Top Tip #6:

Want to change how you see your emails? Try this:

Click on “view” at top. “Layout” will allow you to fix what you see. “Sort by” will let you arrange the order the messages appear in.

Top Tip #7:

Want to disable the Automatic Update reminders in Windows?

Open Internet Explorer/Tools/Internet Options/Advanced tab, under “Browsing” take the checkmark out of “Automatically check for Internet Explorer Updates”, click Apply, click OK.

Another thing to try is to:

(1) Click Start

(2) Click Run

(3) Type in: “MSCONFIG” (without the quotes)

(4) Click OK.

(5) Under the Startup tab take the checkmark out of “Critical Updates”

(6) Click Apply

(7) Click OK

(8) Restart your computer.

Top Tip #8:

Got too many icons on your desktop?

Right click on an empty space on your desktop, highlight “Arrange Icons By”, the click on Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard

Top Tip #9:

Tired of seeing your pointer as an arrow or an hourglass all the time? Windows XP offers a number of alternative pointer schemes, such as Dinosaur, Ocean and Sports.

Open the Control Panel, double-click Mouse, and select the Pointers tab. (If you start in Category view, select Appearance and Themes, then click Mouse Pointers under “See Also.”) Next to Schemes, click the down arrow and select a scheme to preview its pointers. Click OK to apply the scheme to your desktop. Simple as that.

Top Tip #10:

Want to hear your computer talk?
Select Start, Programs, Accessories, Accessibility, Narrator. Or press the Windows key plus the letter “U” to open the Utility Manager. Microsoft Narrator, an accessibility option designed to assist readers who are blind or have impaired vision, starts automatically.

Once you’ve read through the intro screen (or let the Narrator do it), click OK and you’ll see a dialog box of Narrator options. Assuming you want to leave Narrator running, select the desired options, then minimize its dialog box. And if you’ve opened the Utility Manager, feel free to close it.

To turn Narrator off, click the Exit button or right-click its taskbar item and select Close.

Hope this has helped you get your WinXP working the way you want it to, and given you a little fun too. For more information like this, I highly recommend that you visit, read through, bookmark and re-visit this site:

Have Fun Learning!

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Are You Settling?

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Today as I spoke with a coworker over lunch I was amazed at how this person could spend a whole hour talking about how bad her life was. How she just can’t get ahead. She complained about her job, she complained about her husband and her kids. She also complained about how she feels deprived from the “good life” as she stated. Then her final words were “I guess I just got dealt a bad hand.”

Well, those words haunted me the rest of the day. I kept thinking about those words. I started to question myself as to why would she say that. So I began to analyze it (bad habit I have of analyzing everything).

I thought who dealt her this hand and why does she feel she has to settle for the hand? Who choose her career? She did. Who choose her husband? She did. Who decided to have three kids? She did. Who decided that she is not enjoying “the good life” ( Which to me “the good life” is just waking up each morning) She did. Therefore, as far as I can tell she is the DEALER!

So why is she settling? Is she not aware that she is the dealer? She is the only one that controls her life. But yet, just like her millions and millions of people around the world are just settling. Why would anyone settle? Remember as kids how you knew what we wanted to be? A fireman, a nurse or a police officer. Why as adults did we not fulfill those dreams? Is it because we didn’t believe in ourselves? Is it the fear of actually accomplishing something. Or do we just feel comfortable where we are at, and don’t want to change? But yet, all these people that are settling and not wanting change, are the ones that are complaining about how bad their life is.

Remember, we all have our ups and downs. Some of us go through more downs than ups, but its all a matter of settling. You control your future. Your in the driver seat. But yet everyone can come up with hundreds of reasons not to change, but not a single excuse. Everyone can change their life, some just need to start with training wheels, as they slowly begin to take back the control of their future.

Stop settling! Reshuffle the deck and deal again and again!

This article was written by Debbie Reyes webmaster of Extra Income Work at Home Mom


Time Management For The Internet Marketer

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

After a very short while operating your internet
business you’ll notice that you just don’t have
enough time to do all of the things that you
think you “have” to do. I certainly felt that
way. I mean - you download from you ISP to your
desktop computer - 200 or 300 emails at a time
and it soon gets overwhelming. So what did I
do? Flounder - then learn what others were doing.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you
have a good email processing program. I use
Eudora Pro but understand Pegassus is just as
good. There is an excellent article comparing
the two - posted along with lot of other great
internet marketing articles - by a variety of
authors at my web site at
http://www.williecrawford.com So I won’t bother
repeating the comparison here.

When I log in at my ISP: Eudora sends any email I’ve
composed since my last log on; downloads any emails
that have come in since my last download; and sorts
my mail.

SORTING MY MAIL - That’s a biggie. I have filters
set up that look for key words in the from, subject
or body field of the message. When the program spot
any of these it filters my mail, diverting certain
messages to pre-labeled folders, responding to
certain messages with precomposed messages, and
deleting certain messages automatically. It’s a
wonder to behold -filtering 300 message in under a
minute - so that I only have to deal with maybe 30
messages directly. These are usually internet newbies
asking for advice which I gladly give.(Orders that I
get are filled automatically too.) I enjoy helping
people just starting their own internet-based business
and I give them as much of my free advice as they
desire. The others messages I process when I visit
that folder - or if it’s something filtered to the
trash - never.

What do I filter to the trash? Any message with just
question marks, or nothing in the subject field,
and messages from certain individuals, firms, or
domain names that are know for spamming! Setting
up very specific filters takes only seconds, and I
never have to deal with certain spammers ever again.
Spamming hurts your business more than it helps -
and if you haven’t learned that by now, then I
cannot afford to be associated with you anyway.
Rules of the net also tell you that it’s bad manners
to send a message without a subject. If you have so
little respect for your prospects’ time that you
can’t tell them why you are writing in the subject,
then sorry - but your messages should be deleted -
unread. At the same time - I have enough appreciation
for your time to always tell you why I am bothering
you in the subject of my messages!

My filters direct my favorite ezines to folders
created especially for them. I may read several issues
at once - when time permits. Other ezines - that I
may or may not have requested - I peruse. If they offer
anything useful I quickly process this information. Most
of my “learning” is from reading articles by those who
share their mistakes with me. I cannot afford to not
scan these ezines, but each one only takes minutes.
There are so many ezines out there now.

If I come across an article, an ad, or anything that
interests me, I send it to the appropriate folder.
I have folder labeled “As Soon As Practical,” “Today,”
“Follow Up,” “Good Idea,” and folders for different
products or services that I handle - and I get to these
folders in that order. If whatever you send me doesn’t
conveniently fit in one of these folder, it will either
be acted upon when first read or never acted upon. If I
come across something I want to save or use later in my
ezine or on my web site, I compose a message right
away and take whatever action is desireable. This is
the biggie for me taken from the offline world - you
can usually only afford the time to handle each piece
of paper only once. Pick it up, decide what to do with
it, and do it. Email is the same way. If you don’t act
upon it when you first open it, the next time that you
open it you have to decipher it, and decide to do it,
and commit to act upon that decision all over again. Why
not just go through that though process only once.
Which issues a dire warning — make your offers ones that
will be acted up when first looked at - otherwise they
are destined not to be acted upon at all.

The other area of time management I want to touch upon
briefly is autoresponders. When I first started out
there were days when I responded to over 200 requests
for information or free reports that could have
easily been processed by autoresponders. Now - 90%
of the free information/reports that I offer are sent
out by autoresponders. They give my prospect free
information - instantly, and in-a-way, prequalifiy my
prospects. Those that I end up dealing with directly
have already read my literature and are really
interested in my products or services. If you are not
using auto-responders then you are spending too much
time composing and sending emails that could be
processed much cheaper by machine. My ISP provides
unlimited autoresponders with my account - so my
business is largely on autopilot.

Just a few quick thoughts on time management. For my
free report on other time management techniques email
willie@williecrawford.com?subject=moretime, for my free
report on what ezines I feel are worthwhile reading -
email willie@williecrawford.com?subject=ezines
For my free report on what web site host I recommend
and use to send out my autoresponder messages, as well
as trust enough to host my own site, email
willie@williecrawford.com?subject=autoresponders and
For a complete FREE internet marketing education visit
my site at http://www.williecrawford.com where I soon
hope to have over 130 very informative internet marketing
articles posted. I want this site to be your Internet
Marketing Bible. willie@williecrawford.com
Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an
on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in
radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie
teaches the average guy what the top marketers are doing but
seldom talking about. For example, Willie demonstrates the
power of automated residual income through his system at:
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How To Overcome Low Self Esteem

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Look in the mirror, what do you see? Most people see someone who is tired, someone who is barely making ends meet living paycheck to paycheck, someone who prays for a better tomorrow.

Does this sound familiar? If so then you may have a low self-esteem. Our self-esteem is the “value” we put on ourselves. If we feel like failures others will see us in that manner as well. If we feel great about ourselves then other will think we are great also.

Here are just a few tips and ideas to help you overcome your low self-esteem.

First of all, despite any imperfections we may have we must love ourselves. How can we even begin to love anyone else, if we have no love for ourselves. This is possibly the most important factor in overcoming low self-esteem. Love who you are.

Next, look at yourself in the mirror. No, not your appearance but deeper. Look into your eyes. Your eyes tell a story. Our eyes are like windows into our souls. Our appearance is just the surface, but our soul is “who” we are. Get to know yourself all over again.

Take pride in yourself and in all you do. Always feel good about who you are. Keep in mind everyone goes through hardships in their lives but the way we choose to deal with these hardships is what makes or breaks us.

Another tip is to accept that we each control our lives. We create our future by effort. No one can do it for us. Unfortunately, most people are looking for instant this, instant that, instant success and instant cash. Well, in our world today the only thing you can get instantly is failure.

No one wants to work for their success! So what do they do? They give up! Why? Because it is so much easier to fail than to succeed! Take back the control of your life you deserve success as much as the next guy. You just have to accept that you deserve it.

Also, you are not here to please the world (goodness no one has been able to do that yet). You are here to please yourself. What others think of you is unimportant, but what you think of yourself is vital. Often without meaning too our friends and family handicap us with their opinions. But we have minds of our own, although we are always looking for others opinions it doesn’t mean we have to follow it.

So from now on you do what makes you happy and pleases you. You are what is important here. Not your neighbor or your coworkers or the cashier at the corner store that is always rude to you. Just YOU!

This article was written by Debbie Reyes webmaster of Extra Income Work at Home Mom


How I Squeeze 26 Hours Out Of Every Day!

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

If you’re like me, good time management skills and tools
are an absolute necessity. We often have so many “alligators
snapping out our heels” that we don’t know where to start.
Here’s my “extreme time management system.” Adopt it as your
own and you’ll feel like you’ve gained several hours a day.
It’s how I squeeze 26 hours out of every day.

The system calls for extreme organization and a lot of
discipline. It’s NECESSARY for me. This is the system that
allows me to run an affiliate program, manage 22 websites,
publish a weekly ezine, publish 2 daily niche lists, visit
an average of 15 discussion forums a day (3 of which I help
moderate), write 2 new ezine articles per week, process over
800 emails a day, do off-line consulting, fit in a daily
workout, and still find time to spend with my family and

The system has 2 parts - organization and discipline.

First the discipline. The discipline is nothing more than
following a few simple, self-imposed rules. These rules are:

1) Whenever opening any email (or snail mail) process it
right then. That simply means replying to the email or adding
it to your “to-do” list (in a specific place) if it will fit
into your schedule better later. Make notes in your organizer
of any correspondence that may need tracking. Add any new contact
to your contact database if appropriate. If the email contains
a gem for an article or post, make a note in your organizer or
even make an online post. If the email contains any data you
will need to refer to later such as website urls or passwords,
enter them into your cross-referenced database.

Every time that you read an email, you have to decide what
needs to be done with the information. Making and acting on
that decision once is an amazing time-saver! If you don’t do
this, then you have to go through the exact same decision
process the next time that you examine the email.

2) Whenever presented with any task, ask if it makes sense
for you to do it or if you’re better off hiring someone else to
do it. We have to recognize our skills and get others to do
those things that would cost us too much time and energy.
Some things are better done by professionals we can hire or
even family members we can get to pitch in. Learning to
delegate and “farm out” chores is essential to getting any
significant job done.

3) Identify what are the most important tasks you need to get
done FIRST and then do first things first. Balance is also
necessary here because things like exercise and maintaining
personal relationships must be priorities. I schedule these
right into my day. I print out my to-do list and refer to
it often to avoid getting sidetracked.

4) Learn to say no when appropriate. Realize that with this
system you can do much more in the same time but, there is a
limit to what you should obligate yourself to do. Don’t
get into the habit of taking on more obligations than you can
possibly accomplish. As you get known online you will soon
discover yourself being asked to review numerous websites,
ebooks, and pieces of software. Politely decline when you
have all you can currently handle. This allows you to
focus and get more tasks actually completed!

After mastering the discipline required, organization is a
MUST. I have one primary tool that keeps me extremely
organized. It’s a piece of software called the Internet
Information Manager. If you have ever spent half an hour
sifting through emails looking for a url or password you’ll
find this tool an answer to your prayer. If you have ever
searched frantically for an email so that you could
intelligently respond to another email, you will appreciate
this tool. If you have ever tried to remember the name of an
individual, website, or ezine associated with a particular
project, you’ll absolutely love this tool.

What is this Internet Information Manager? It’s a piece
of software you install on your computer that allows you
to store all of the information you use frequently in one
place. Everything from projects, to articles, to contacts,
to website urls are stored in a cross-referenced database.
It is my big organization and productivity secret. I’ve
used it for a while - as I tinkered with the beta version.
It’s now such a part of my daily system that I wonder how
I ever got along without it. If my computer is turned on,
this tool is open. You need a similar tool. I use it to:

- Keep track of all ongoing projects
- Manage my to do lists
- Store all of my contacts. These contacts are cross
referenced so that with the click of a button I can go
to an associated affiliate program, website, ezine, ad
campaign, searchengine, or project
- Start an email in my default email program with the
click of a button
- Launch my default browser and whisk me to my favorite
discussion forum. This is how I jump from forum to forum
at dizzying speeds. A cable internet connection helps
too :-)

The key to the system being so productive and so easy
to use is that it’s all cross-referenced. So as I surf
the boards and come across an idea for an article,
a project, or some research data, I can quickly plug it
into the appropriate place in my database. This keeps
the information always at my fingertips. When I am ready
to write an article or complete a project, all of the
data is in one place (waiting to be processed).

The other productivity tool that is a must is email
filters. Most email clients allow you to easily filter
your incoming email into folders you create. Use this
feature to store emails on a specific topic, or specific
groups of people all in the same folder. Use it to filter
all incoming ezines into one place, all orders into one
place, all personal email into another place. I transfer
data from most of my email to my Internet Information
Manager, but I store the original email in my email program

Similar to filters are email aliases. Create special
email addresses for specific purposes. It difficult to
get all of your contacts to use the correct address but
this is a real time saver. For example, if you have an
assistant that handles your mailing list, use an email
alias to send all of those emails directly to them. There
is no need for you to waste time reading emails you don’t
need to read if you have properly trained your assistants.
Train them, empower them and then trust them to get it done.

Speaking of training - it is another tool for increasing
your productivity. Learn to really use software you
know you will frequently use as soon as practical. You’ll
discover many tasks this software can help with that you
would otherwise miss. Also consider time spent training
an assistant to properly do a task an investment. Avoid
the temptation to just do it yourself. It will save you
much more time in the long-run and frees up your time to
do the things you should be doing.

I’ve shared with you how I squeeze an inordinate amount
of work into my day (when necessary). I’m also careful
not to overload myself and damage my health. This is also
something you need to watch. Success at the expense of
your health and happiness is not success in my estimation.

Adopt this system today and you’ll soon be amazed at
what you can accomplish in very little time. You’ll
also be pleasantly surprised at the amount of free time
you find. The Internet Information Manager was created
by my very good friend Gary Knuckles. Grab a copy now
at: http://williecrawford.com/cgi-bin/tk.cgi?garyk
Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an
on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in
radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie
teaches the average guy what the top marketers are doing but
seldom talking about. For example, Willie demonstrates the
power of automated residual income through his system at:
Visit now for a business boost.


Learn To Really Focus To Succeed

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Many starting on-line businesses fail simply because
they fail to FOCUS. They fail to focus on doing the
most important things first. They fail to focus on
seeing one project through to completion before
starting the next. They jump from affiliate program to
affiliate program and never make any real money with
any of them. They fail to identify and focus on what is
most important to their ultimate success. How can
you avoid these all too common mistakes?

The easiest way to start an on-line business is
simply to begin marketing someone else’s product.
It’s easiest because you don’t have to research the
need for and then develop your own product. The
downside to this approach is that you usually only earn
a one-time commission and have to constantly search for
new customers. For many just starting out on-line,
marketing affiliate products while learning the ropes
and developing your own product is the best approach.

However - as an affiliate you still need incredible
focus. Without focus, you will find yourself signing
up for far too many different affiliate programs and
not having any real success with any. It’s best to
find 2 or 3 products that you absolutely LOVE and that
are a perfect match for your audience. Then put 100%
of your energies into marketing these products. This
allows you to focus on really getting to know the
products and producing promotional materials that really
promote (sell) these few products. Then you can test
different ads, different banners, and different
approaches to marketing the few products you really
know. Your time won’t be so fragmented and it will be
easier to analyze your results.

With this kind of focus, you could build a thriving mini-site
around the theme of the product (s). This will allow you
to get better search engine placement and more targeted
search engine traffic. You will attract people looking
for a specific product or to solve a specific problem.
This approach also allows you to begin building a list
that you can market related products to. Once the
list members has come to your site demonstrating an
interest in the theme of the site, it’s easier to know
what other products or services your list members may
be interested in. Use you mini-site to pre-sell
affiliate products, capture the visitors contact data,
and send him on to purchase the product that your web
copy pre-sells. It’s a great formula.

Since you are building a list the interest will
gradually shift from frantically building a list, to
building a higher quality, to giving that list the
products, services and information that they need.
The long-term success of the list ultimately depends
upon how well you identify and provide your list
members’ needs.

As your list grows you look for a few more related
products to offer the list, or better yet, develop your
own. As you introduce each product into your line-up you
use a formalized system. You use a step-by-step system
for locating and then following up with prospects. An
ezine and follow-up autoresponders are ideal for this.
One system is to place ezine ads to attract hits to
your website or autoresponder. You get these hits to
opt-in to your list and you develop a relationship with
these people (a mutually benefit-filled relationship).

As you gradually grown your list - and your sales begin
to grow at the same time - you will need to continue
demonstrating incredible focus. There are so many little
things that will keep you from reaching your full potential.
You need to develop several skills. These skills are:

1) Learn to do the most important things first. Many of
us have more business-related chores than we can ever
finish. The key is to do those chores which are most
important or generate the greatest return first. I do
this by physically writing out a to-do list every day.
I also note which one or two chores on this list are
THE most pressing or important. I do these before I
give myself permission to work on anything else. If they
are big chores, I break them down into smaller steps but
still require myself to accomplish several of these
smaller steps before I give myself permission to do
anything else.

2) Learn to use others to help you do things you don’t
do well yourself. If a task that will take you hours
to do will only take others a few minutes to do because
they are more proficient, it often makes more sense to
hire them to do this. That frees up your time to do
the tasks that you do best. It also keeps you from messing
up things that you will only have to hire someone else to
correct lately. This is a lesson I learned the hard way :-)

Along the same lines, admit that you simply can’t do
everything. If you are a one-person business, as many of
those I communicate with are, you have to decide WHAT
you will specialize in and not dabble in too many things.
Maybe you can hire assistants to manage certain chores
or even get family members to do business related things
for you. I do both. The time spent training someone to
take over a task so that you can give it to them and then
forget it is time well spent! If you operate a business
you simply must learn to hire out and delegate certain
chores or your business CAN’T grow beyond certain

3) Make sure you take care of yourself. Take time
to rejuvenate your mind/spirit and to keep your body
physically fit. If building a business is giving you
ulcers and high blood pressure while your also growing
incredibly unfit, then you’re setting yourself up for
failure. What use is a fortune if you’re bedridden and
can’t enjoy it. Strive to maintain some balance and you
will be better able to enjoy the success that will ultimately
come to you.

The bottom-line is that you need to force yourself to stay
focused. Know what you want all of your efforts to ultimately
accomplish for you. Constantly ask yourself if the activities
you are doing are moving you in that direction. Constantly
examine your efforts and stay focused while maintaining
balance. That’s absolutely required for most definitions of
Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an
on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in
radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie
teaches the average guy what the top marketers are doing but
seldom talking about. For example, Willie demonstrates the
power of automated residual income through his system at:
Visit now for a business boost.


Don’t Pretend To Be An Expert - Become One!

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Experts on the internet are created so fast that
most of us totally discount the title “expert.”
We watch people log-in online one day… asking
questions about how to create a link in a webpage.
A week later, this person has written a book
offering to share with you his last five years of
“experience” from operating a business online. I
have actually seen one individual do just this!
He’s no longer in business on the net since people
saw through his pretense ;-)

Part of why there’s so much mistrust online is that
there are too many “pretend” experts. These are
the people who believe that you should “fake it
until you make it.” Don’t let this happen to you.
Don’t discount the intelligence of your market.
Instead, be honest with them and find something of
value in your knowledge, experiences, training or

The problem for the beginner is that he sincerely
believes he cannot be a success unless he comes
across as an expert. He believes that to be
accepted, and to have people buy his products,
he has to “talk the talk.” This is true to an
extent. It would make absolutely no sense for
someone to buy a book from you on a topic that you
are admittedly totally unqualified to write about.
So, for the beginner it would appear to be an
unwinnable situation.

Believe it or not, the beginner has an advantage
that the old-timer does not have. He sees things
through the eyes of a beginner. The old-timer lost
the ability to see things through the eyes of a
beginner many years ago. Now he assume far too many
things. He takes for granted things that the beginner
really doesn’t understand. That’s where the beginner
has the advantage.

One of the most important decisions a person deciding
to build a business online has to decide is “what”
to build a business around. Far too many look at a
niche they think they want to operate in and then
they just copy those already in that niche. What they
should really be doing is looking for holes and
unmet needs in that niche and filling them. The
old-timer will look right past some of these unmet
needs, simply because of his perspective. This is
where I think the beginner should focus.

When you notice a need for a product, or a better
version of the product, you need to pay attention.
Look real hard to confirm there is enough need
for that product… enough demand, and then ask how
you can fill that need. You should reach one of
two conclusions. 1) That there is no real demand for
the product and that’s why no one is producing it.
2) There is sufficient unmet need to support a
product and it may makes sense for you to create it.

It sometimes makes sense to find an expert to help
you create this badly needed product.

If you have trouble finding an expert in a given
niche that’s even better. Since there is no other
expert on that topic, it’s easier for you to establish
yourself as the expert. How? You BECOME the expert.
You do the research and hard work necessary to
become the expert. If everyone else is too lazy to
put in the work and become the expert on that topic
- that’s perfect!

Dig up all of the information you can find on the
topic. Do the research. The information may just
be hard to find, or it may be somewhat out of date.
Dredge up what you can and begin compiling it into a
product. If what you find needs updating, find a
way to update it… find a way.

If you simply cannot find the information… if
it just isn’t available, now you have a real
opportunity. You need to track down whoever can
help you discover or generate this information.
In the United States this could be a librarian,
or even a congressman. Congressmen have staff members
who are there to help constituents with problems.
Not being able to find information on a given
topic is a “problem.” Call and see if your
local congressman’s staff can point you in the
right direction.

No matter what topic you’re looking for
information on, there IS someone who can help
you. There is someone interested in and probably
doing research on that topic. Your job is to locate
them. They may work in a laboratory or at a
university. They may be in retirement but still
very interested in their old line of work. Your
job is to locate the information and then package
it for the market.

In the process of dredging up hard to find
information that you need, or noticed a need for,
something magically happens. You become the expert.
Since you are now the source of information on
that topic, where very little information was
previously readily available, you become known
as the expert. Since you did so much research,
reading and studying the topic… you are now
the expert. You are not the pretend expert, you
are the real expert. You know more about the
topic than almost anyone most people know.

I personally have seen many people use just
this route to become recognized experts on a
topic. The topics range from how to afford a
house, to how to score higher on test, to how
to protect yourself from degenerative diseases.
Look around you… read the papers… and I am
sure you will see many people who have done
similar things. They validate this path to
becoming an expert. It’s a proven path and it’s
also a well-known fact that people will pay
experts for what they know.

Now the road map is unfolded in front of you.
You only need to set out to become the expert.
In the process something else magical will happen.
People will recognize you as a “real” expert
because pretend experts are fairly easy to see
through. What are you waiting for? You have
have the road map and only need to get started.
Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an
on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in
radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie
teaches the average guy what the top marketers are doing but
seldom talking about. For example, Willie demonstrates the
power of automated residual income through his system at:
Visit now for a business boost.


Poisons Under Your Sink: Hidden Dangers of Cleaning Products

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) has recorded many exposures to household cleaning substances that were serious enough to require treatment in a health care facility. Incredibly, according to the AAPCC the largest number of occurrences of poisoning in 1993 were due to cleaning products - drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, bleach, soaps and detergents.

One Million poisonings in Canada each year are due to household cleaner ingestion. Some are fatal. Thousands of children and adults are permanently disfigured or injured through contact with chemicals in the home each year.

Our pets are also at risk. Animals that don’t have access to clean, fresh water are more likely to drink out of puddles, gutters, toilet bowls, or any old container left sitting around with a liquid in it. Even though my cats always have access to clean water in a bowl, they seem to prefer the toilet, the sink, the bathtub, or even a basin with cleaning solution in it.

Here is an alphabetical list of some of the most hazardous cleansers found around the house:

AIR FRESHENERS: interfere with your ability to smell by releasing nerve-deadening agents or coating nasal passages with an oil film, usually methoxychlor, a pesticide that accumulates in fat cells. Known toxic chemicals found in an air freshener are formaldehyde, a highly toxic, known carcinogen, and phenol. When phenol touches your skin it can cause it to swell, burn, peel, and break out in hives.

AMMONIA: is a very volatile chemical and is very damaging to your eyes, respiratory tract and skin.

ANTIBACTERIAL CLEANERS: may contain triclosan, which is absorbed through the skin and can be tied to liver damage.

BLEACH: is a strong corrosive. It will irritate or burn the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. It may cause pulmonary edema or vomiting and coma if ingested. Never mix bleach with acid toilet bowl cleaners or ammonia. These mixtures may produce fumes which can be DEADLY.

CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY SHAMPOO: Most formulas are designed to over power the stain itself; they accomplish the task but not without using highly toxic substances. Some include perchlorethylene, a known carcinogen that damages liver, kidney and nervous system damage; and ammonium hydroxide, a corrosive, extremely irritable to eyes, skin and respiratory passages.

CHLORINE: The first agent of chemical warfare was chlorine. WWII ended with an abundance of this cheap chemical. In the name of huge profits, it was added to our water supply and many other products. Chlorine is the number one cause of breast cancer and can be lethal. Scientists won’t handle chlorine without protective gloves, facemasks, and ventilation, yet it is in most store-brand cleaners, including dishwasher detergents. The harmful effects are intensified when the fumes are heated, as in the shower. It is in our drinking water, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and more.

DISHWASHER DETERGENTS: Most products contain chlorine in a dry form that is highly concentrated. The #1 cause of household poisoning is dish detergent. Dishwashing liquids are labelled “harmful if swallowed.” Each time you wash your dishes, some residue is left on them, which accumulates with each washing. Your food picks up part of the residue — especially if your meal is hot when you eat it.

FURNITURE POLISH: contain petroleum distillates, which are highly flammable and can cause skin and lung cancer. They contain nitrobenzene, which is easily absorbed through the skin and extremely toxic.

LAUNDRY ROOM PRODUCTS: Laundry detergents contain phosphorus, enzymes, ammonia, naphthalene, phenol, sodium nitilotriacetate and countless other chemicals. These substances can cause rashes, itches, allergies, sinus problems and more. The residue left on your clothes, bed sheets, etc. is absorbed through your skin, as is everything else you touch.

OVEN CLEANER: one of the most toxic products people use. They contain lye and ammonia, which eat the skin, and the fumes linger and affect the respiratory system. Then there is the residue that is intensified the next time you turn your oven on. Use sea salt and baking soda instead.

TOILET BOWL CLEANERS: usually contain hydrochloric acid, a highly corrosive irritant to both skin and eyes that damages kidneys and liver; and hypochlorite bleach, a corrosive irritant that can burn eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Toilet bowl cleaners also may cause pulmonary edema, vomiting or coma if ingested. Contact with other chemicals may cause chlorine fumes which may be fatal.

Are you one of the millions of consumers who tend to think anything sold must be safe? Think again. Since WWII more than 80,000 synthetic chemicals have been invented. Most have been created from petroleum and coal tar for the purposes of chemical warfare. The sad thing is that hardly any of these substances have been tested for safety, but have been added to our food, water and cleaning products without our consent and most often without informing us of any dangers. There is a lot of intentional suppression in this industry that adds approximately 1000 new chemicals each year.

According to the National Research Council, “no toxic information is available for more than 80% of the chemicals in everyday-use products. Less than 20% have been tested for acute effects and less than 10% have been tested for chronic, reproductive or mutagenic effects.” Most have not been tested for combined or accumulated effects, nor for their effects on unborn children.

What can you do to protect your loved ones from chemical injury and poisoning?

First of all, educate yourself, and find safer alternatives as much as possible.

Secondly, minimize use of harsh chemicals. Clean spills and stains immediately, remove food waste promptly, keep home moisture/humidity down to 30-50%, and use entry way mats at all entrances.

Third, store all cleaning agents in their original containers out of the reach of children. Follow the directions on the label and use only the amount of product recommended. Read labels, follow safety precautions and contact the manufacturer if you have questions.

By definition, we clean our homes to reduce damage or harm to human and pet health, and to protect our valued possessions. Let’s not make the solution worse than the problem!

Glenn Beach is a self-employed construction subcontractor; see what else he’s up to at: Work at Home Business Opportunity


Antioxidants and Your Health

Posted in Personal Development at 12:00 pm by Work at Home Team

Get back to the basics - eat fresh at home and neutralize free
radical oxidation, which is rusting away your body, by eating
a variety of foods high in antioxidants every day.

Why? Antioxidants, as the name implies, help prevent
oxidation, may help increase immune function and possibly
decrease risk of infection and cancer.

A few of the better known antioxidants include carotenoids–
the substance that gives fruits and vegetables their deep rich
colors. Apricots, broccoli, pumpkin, cantaloupes, spinach and
sweet potatoes, are some good choices in addition to lycopene
in tomatoes. Vitamin C and E are also good antioxidants.

What’s a Free Radical Anyways?

As cells function normally in the body, they produce damaged
molecules called free radicals. These free radicals steal
parts from other molecules such as fat, protein, or DNA,
thereby spreading the damage.

This damage continues in a chain reaction, and entire cells
soon become damaged and die. This process is useful because
it helps the body destroy cells that have outlived their
usefulness and kills germs and parasites. However, this
damage, when left unchecked, also destroys or damages
healthy cells.

Antioxidants help prevent widespread cellular destruction by
willingly donating their parts to stabilize free radicals.
More importantly, antioxidants return to the surface of the
cell to stabilize rather than damage other cellular

When there are not enough antioxidants to hold cell
destruction in check, free radicals begin damaging healthy
cells which, in turn, can lead to problems. For example, free
radical damage to immune cells can lead to an increased risk
of infections.

Your body needs to be able to repair this damage that occurs
and protect itself from the free radicals before they impact
your overall health. This is where antioxidants come to the
rescue, because they significantly delay, inhibit, or prevent

Your first line of defence is a natural diet full of a variety
of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. For all those times
when your diet isn’t perfect, make sure you have a safety net
in place. Think of antioxidants as Rustoleum for your insides!
and be sure to have a supplement in your medicine cabinet.

Best of health to you!

Glenn Beach is a self-employed construction subcontractor; see what else he’s up to at: Work at Home Business Opportunity

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