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by Work at Home Team

When it comes to internet marketing, there are very few things we haven't tried... As far as what we consider a waste of time and money, here's a short list:

1. FFA's - Whether "PRO" or any other kind, FFA's are the least effective, most over-hyped marketing tool that gets pitched (unfortunately) to internet beginners. The vest you can hope for is a couple of extremely unqualified affiliates and thousands upon thousands of SPAM messages filling your email.

2. Classified Ad blasters: Again, virtually worthless.

3. Search engine submission services: Talk to any search engine optimisation specialist, and they'll all tell you the same thing: stay away from any kind of auto-submitter. If you want to GUARANTEE your site gets into a particular engine, hand-submit it yourself.

4. Free Web Hosts: As search engine algorithms get more and more sophisticated, they eliminate more and more sites they consider "Spam sites". What are the first sites to go? You guessed it.... sites hosted on "free" web services (geocities, fortune city, free servers, etc.). Do yourself a favour, buy that domain name, and pay for an actual web host (you can get full-featured web hosting for as little as 8 bucks a month!). Keep in mind; anything you spend for web hosting is tax deductible as a business expense (at least in the US).

Learn Internet Marketing and Free Internet Advertising. This strategy really works!

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