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Are you pleased with your career? Being miserable in your work life will create emotional problems. If you know you hate your job, you should solve this problem. Career change can be a very rewarding, and also very difficult process. Changing your career is a big step. Before taking this step you should assess yourself, the skills and abilities you already have, and what you want out of your new career.

Firstly, you have to get to know yourself, and then try to plan a career that fits you. Start by getting to know yourself: your preferences, your needs, and your personal skills and talents. Spend some time to rediscover yourself. Knowing yourself will help you to assess your career options.

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Know your preferences

A lot of people change careers because they dislike their job, their boss, and/or their company. However, to change your career successfully you should examine your preferences. What do you really like doing? What are your preferences? Would you enjoy work at home? Ask these questions to yourself. Don't stop until you know what you are going to do with your life.

Understanding your needs

Once you've discovered your preferences, spend some time researching the types of careers that satisfy them. Don't be anxious if you're feeling unsure. It's a natural part of the career change process. When you make an effort to make career decisions, you might imagine interesting careers. You should focus on a career that supports the self-expression of your personality. People who are excited about their work are usually proud of what they do. Each person does well in some work environments and finds others traumatic. Each of us can bee successful in a variety of careers, but will enjoy only a few. What are YOUR needs? Would you like a work at home career and the ability to stay more time with your loved ones?

Defining your skills and talents

There are many skills that are exchangeable and applicable to what you want to do in your new career. However there are new skills that you might need. Define the skills you have and the skills you could develop. Obtaining a part-time job in your new career field can help you understand your potential new career better. At the same time you can earn some valuable experience in your new career. The easiest way to change your career is to find an opportunity that is compatible with your current job. In this manner you will be able to test it before making the big step of full involvement.

Everyone is born with some unique talents. These talents give each person a special ability to do certain kinds of tasks easily and happily. Research your unique talents and try to identify the careers that require them.

Explore your career options

After defining your personal skills and talents you can start exploring career options. You need to find out as much as you can about potential careers you are considering. As you combine this research with your self-assessment, your future career becomes clearer. Consider everything that you read about your career options. This will help you to become career-minded and it will allow you to effectively use your qualifications and skills. Identify some of the career options that could be open to you. At this stage don't limit yourself to just one career. You could see if there is anything that exactly matches what you are looking for, but at this stage it is better to make a wide research. The same career can be quite different in varied environments. You need to decide not only what you want to do, but also where you want to do it. For example Internet marketing differs a lot from traditional marketing. The former can be done from your home but the latter requires an office. Research a variety of organisations. Compare everything you discover with the results of your self-assessment.

Remember that career development is an ongoing process, not a once-off activity. Be persistent in your search for career direction because the more you know the better your decisions will be. The one thing that most of successful people agree on is the power of persistence. You will discover your biggest difficulty in persisting. These are thoughts generated inside you that seek to keep you safe by keeping everything in your life the same. There is a big difference between wanting something and making a commitment to achieving it. Wants and commitments may seem very similar in nature, but without persistence and commitment you will end up with a bunch of desires.

Changing careers can get devastating at times. It is wise to find a mentor who can help you. A mentor doesn't have to be a highly placed individual, though the more powerful the mentor, the more success you may have in using that power to your advantage. Follow a mentor and always take your risks. The question is not whether to take risks or not but which ones to take.

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